Awaiting The Rapture

The Rapture is an eschatological event during which Jesus Christ returns to Earth for His Church and believers and takes them up to Heaven where they will rejoin their dead loved ones and live forever in their resurrected bodies beside their Lord.

The Rapture

So very many Christians, especially the Evangelical sects, believe that we are in the End Days and that the Rapture will soon come about. They await being lifted up into Heaven by their Lord, Jesus with anticipation and joy.

What if they’re waiting in vain? Not because they were wrong in their beliefs and that the Rapture would never happen, but because it had already happened and they weren’t number among the tiny handful of people on Earth who weren’t so steeped in sin as to be disqualified and doomed to eternal damnation.

Really! Look at the full criteria for boarding that final flight. What are we really talking about? 50 people? 40 people? 30 people? 20 people? Perhaps as few as 10 rising up in salvation into the heavens? Who’d notice it or believe the accounts of anyone who did?

Yeah, that’d be a pisser wouldn’t it? 😉

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