We Were All Liberals

The theory of Biogenetic Law can be summed up with the phrase, “ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny.” This is the hypothesis that as an animal develops from embryo to mature adult, it goes through series of morphological stages resembling or representing the successive stages in the the animal’s evolution.

This process has some interesting macro-societal implications. šŸ˜›

All Babies areĀ Born Liberals. They are helpless, dependent and do not respect the rights of others, demanding to have their needs met at once.Ā Conservatives grow up!

— Unknown, NC State Republican Convention

H/T to Bill Moore for the quote.

Old Ernst Haeckel may have overplayed the Lamarckian components of his Biogenetic Law theory but it’s pretty clear that he got a lot of it right. The simple fact that people become less Liberal and more Conservative as they mature is evidence to this effect.

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