Olympic Critic Jailed

An online commentator, Wang Dejia aka Jing Chu who said next year’s Beijing Olympics would force ordinary Chinese to live “like pigs and dogs” has been detained for nearly a week on a charge of subversion.

Wang was taken from his home in Quanzhou County, part of southern China’s Guilin city, early Friday, December 14th, on a charge of “subverting state authority,” said his wife Wen Zhenyan. Officers confiscated his computer, memory cards, books and banking documents. Since then none of Wang’s family have been allowed to contact him.

While Beijing encourages Internet use for business and education, it tightly controls Web content, censoring anything it considers critical of — or a threat to — the Communist Party. Press freedom and human rights groups say China has jailed dozens of people for writings posted online. Wang Dejia has now been added to that growing list.

Wang Dejia blamed the PRC’s “autocratic nation” for destroying ordinary people’s homes in mass demolitions in order to build grandiose Olympic venues, and criticized China’s intensified crackdown on dissidents.

In July, Wang told the Epoch Times, a newspaper linked to the banned Falun Gong spiritual movement, that China’s central government was ignoring the needs of common Chinese in the lead-up to the Olympics. Instead, he said, the Communist Party was most concerned about cracking down on dissidents and building new venues.

Let the people live like pigs and dogs, I think that’s how it will achieve its goal of a harmonious society

— Wang Dejia
Interview with Epoch Times

Well, chalk up yet another one for the Evil Old Men in Beijing. They’re going do whatever it takes to ram their 2008 Godless Genocide Cames down the world’s throat. It has proven unwise to complain about it either within China or outside of it. Why are we – the civilized world – allowing these monsters to host the games?

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