Attack of the Muslims

This spoofed theatrical trailer reminds me a lot of the old Mystery Science Theater 3000 cable television series.

Attack Of The Muslims!

In a nation ruled by Shari’a, one woman dares attempt to defy the Islamic law by studying at a library. Soon, wave after wave of Islamic stupidity comes knocking, threatening to kill and/or stupefy every kufr they find.

The goods news is that you can deal with Muslims the same way as you would – in the normal zombie movie “ficton” – deal with zombies. Shoot them in the head! The even better news is that, unlike zombies, you can also shoot Muslims in the gut with the same effect but greater and longer lasting entertainment value. šŸ˜‰

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3 Responses to “Attack of the Muslims”

  1. CoolFree39 Says:


  2. Personal Failure Says:

    Yes, I’m sure listening to these muslims scream in agony as they died would be amusing.

  3. jonolan Says:

    Not particularly, but the look on the faces of those that bred them into being might be. In truth, I prefer clean, quick kills for the young Muslim Zombies….;-)

    It’s funny though, Personal Failure. You Godless are quick to attack every theist except the Muslims. Your sort seems to tend to defend them. Is it that you’re afraid of they might do to you, or is it just a case of hating America and so siding with her enemies?

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