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US Soldier With FIM-92 Stinger Hamas terrorists acquired smuggled US-made FIM-92 Stinger anti-aircraft missiles from smugglers in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula in 2008 and attempted to deploy against Israel in January 2009 during Operation Cast Lead. Happily for humanity – but far less so for the vermin involved – the weapons, produced by Raytheon, were far beyond the understanding of Hamas’ savages and the results were predictably comical.

Sources within Hamas said  they had smuggled four Stinger systems in 2008 into the Gaza Strip. The sources said the Hamas terrorists deployed the Stingers against Israel Air Force AH-64 Apache attack helicopters during strike missions in the northern Gaza Strip.

Via The World Tribune:

“We were disappointed by them, and they were found to have been useless,” a Hamas source said.

The source said Hamas smuggled four Stinger systems in 2008. The source said the Hamas military deployed the Stingers against Israel Air Force AH-64 Apache attack helicopters during strike missions in the northern Gaza Strip.

“Our gunners couldn’t fire the weapon,” the source recalled. “A notice came up on the display saying ‘friendly aircraft.'”

Another Hamas source said gunners deployed Stinger along with heavy machine guns in attacks on Israeli helicopters during the war in the Gaza Strip. The source said one Stinger surface-to-air missile was launched, but the projectile veered off course and struck a Hamas gunner squad.

“The Stinger was drawn by the heat of our guns rather than the engines of the Israeli helicopters,” the source said. “At that point, we stopped using this weapon.”

You see, Raytheon Missile Systems, the manufacturer of FIM-92 Stinger, installed identification friend/foe (IFF) capabilities into the system well over a decade ago, specifically so that the Stinger could not fired at against any aircraft used by the U.S. military or its allies.

It’s a shame Hamas are all cowards who wear black bags over their heads during their villainous actions. I’d have loved it if someone could have  gotten a picture of the look on their faces when their Stingers refused to fire. 😆

Perhaps they should stick with weaponry more suited to their capabilities – like sticks, rocks, and feces – or at least read the freaking manual.

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  1. Josh Brandt Says:

    L2 Rocket noobs!

  2. jonolan Says:

    Yeah – Hamas aren’t exactly the most evolved enemies that humanity has ever faced.

  3. zhann Says:

    Wow, that is absolutely hilarious … you made my day, thanks.

    With your permission, I would like to copy your article on my other site, Mizozo. I will give you full credit, no worries.

  4. jonolan Says:


    Thanks; I’m glad you enjoyed it. As always and with any post here, feel free to repost it whenever and wherever you wish.

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