Obama’s Madder Than Hell

Obama’s calm and aloof demeanor has been breached. The scandal over the VA’s deadly malfeasance in delaying – and potentially denying – deserving veterans timely care has the boy madder than Hell.

Obama Screaming
Obama’s Madder Than Hell

Yeah, the filthy piece of shit is madder than Hell that this scandal broke while he was still in office and in an election year. Aside from that, there’s no evidence that he gives a rat’s – or Moochelle’s – ass about American veterans dying from being betrayed by the VA hospital system.

Veterans Affairs officials warned the Obama-Biden transition team in the weeks after the 2008 presidential election that the department shouldn’t trust the wait times that its facilities were reporting. In other words, the boy was told of this problem more than five years ago, before he even officially took office. Yet, in all those years, he did nothing.

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