Obama’s Approval Rating

Over the last year – especially during the 2008 Presidential Elections – I’ve gotten weary of analyzing, normalizing, and aggregating disparate opinion polls in order to derive some semblance of accurate numbers. Fortunately none of us has to do that anymore on a regular basis. Pollster.com, by The National Journal, actually aggregates the results of all the major polls and surveys and presents them in a combined view that includes composite results and individual poll results.

I’ve decided to – in the wake of the recent flurry of articles about President Obama’s historical low approval rating – to start with that. Below is the aggregated national approval rating for President Obama. It’s an embedded flash application and so should reflect the most current polls and ratings at any given time.

President Obama’s Overall Approval Rating

President Obama’s Aggregated Overall Approval Rating

To provide a better break-down of the support for- and approval of President Obama I’ve also included three (3) separate limited polls: one showing Democrat approval of President Obama, one showing Republican approval of President Obama, and one showing Independent approval of President Obama.

President Obama’s Approval Rating Among Democrats

President Obama’s Aggregated Approval Rating Among Democrats

President Obama’s Approval Rating Among Republicans

President Obama’s Aggregated Approval Rating Among Republicans

President Obama’s Approval Rating Among Independents

President Obama’s Aggregated Approval Rating Among Independents

I hope everyone finds these aggregated poll results of President Obama’s approval rating useful. I believe that they show a better picture of the real situation than any one poll would do.

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5 Responses to “Obama’s Approval Rating”

  1. zhann Says:

    Fortunately for Obama, all presidents have their ups and downs. Obama just needs to get his act together and begin delivering on his campaign promises, something that seems less and less likely as the days go by. Regardless, if Obama does in fact begin working for the people, they will once again back him. If not, he may even surpass Bush in his almost record breaking approval rating.

  2. jonolan Says:

    There’s an inherent contradiction in your statement zhann; Obama can either “act together and begin delivering on his campaign promises” or he can “begin working for the people.” He really can’t – without a miracle that even MSNBC can’t forge – do both since they’re contradictory and opposing objectives. 😉

  3. zhann Says:

    I guess that all depends on which ‘people’ we refer to. Since it is highly unlikely that Obama will try to appease the right, we can assume that he will have to begin to work towards pleasing the left. With that in mind, by getting his act together he must in turn begin to work for the people who elected him in the first place.

    So, the contradiction is all dependent on your point of view.

  4. jonolan Says:

    So far, he’s been largely acting like he’d appease the Left and he’s been losing Independents the whole time. That, taken along with the fact that the Left isn’t feeling appeased, doesn’t bode well for the future numbers on this post.

    Probably the best thing for Obama’s numbers would be for the GOP to gain a stronger hold in Congress. Then he could pull a Clinton, play to the Independent center, and blame it all on the Right (he’s good at that if little else) in order to placate the Left.

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