If we are to believe Obama and his handlers and overseers, Obama is the most ignorant and sheltered President in America’s history. If we are to believe what his propaganda corps tells us, he’s nigh on completely oblivious to anything that his underlings do.

The O-Blivious POTUS?

Truly, if Americans give Obama the hand-out of credence, he’s better suited to being a member of the Know Nothing Party than of the Democrats. There is, after all, more than passing similarity between the Obama Presidency and that of Millard Fillmore.

As President Fillmore is known only for his bathtub, it seems that Obama may well be best remembered for his television, since the TV seems to be, by his own repeated assertions, the boy’s sole source of information about the actions of his regime.

He Heard About It On the News

Of course, believing what Obama says is a mental disorder that should be included in the next Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) alongside Racial Anxiety Disorder.

While it’s not implausible that Obama is, in effect, a stranger to his own Presidency, it’s much more likely that the boy is knowingly benefiting from plausible deniability. Most likely Obama knows far more of the bad behavior of his regime than he’s admitting and what he doesn’t know is due to his and his handlers and overseers having deliberately set things up so that we wouldn’t know the details.

The boy’s carefully crafted aloof and isolated demeanor coupled with his rhetorical tone certainly created a tenor to his would-be reign that fits this model.

One thing, however, must be remembered – in this, as in every other bit of the Narcissist-in-Chief’s tenure in politics, Obama is neither original nor transformative. The boy has merely expanded upon the behaviors of his predecessors, pushing them down the next step along the entropic curve. Maintaining the POTUS’ plausible deniability has been a growing trend in administrations over the last few decades with President Reagan being notable as the first serious and public uptick in it.

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