Funny But False

Funny But False - Their Deaths Alone Won't Save America
Funny But False – Their Deaths Alone Won’t Save America

OK! Yes, the thought of Creepy Uncle Joe Biden and Kamala Hyena Harris dying together at sea is both funny and a pleasant fantasy to many Americans. However funny this joke is though, it’s false. The deaths of Biden and Harris would not save America. The line of succession and those in that line mean that there’s no hope that those two dying would benefit our nation and our people.

Current Line Of Presidential Succession

2Nancy PelosiDemocrat
3Patrick LeahyDemocrat
4Antony BlinkenDemocrat
5Janet YellenDemocrat
6Lloyd AustinDemocrat
7Merrick GarlandDemocrat
8Deb HaalandDemocrat
9Tom VilsackDemocrat
10Gina RaimondoDemocrat
11Marty WalshDemocrat
12Xavier BecerraDemocrat
13Marcia FudgeDemocrat
14Pete ButtigiegDemocrat
*Jennifer GranholmDemocrat
15Miguel CardonaDemocrat
16Denis McDonoughDemocrat
*Alejandro MayorkasDemocrat
* Ineligible due to being a naturalized citizen

As you can see, every single one of those in line for the Presidency is a Democrat and, worse, most are either Obama appointees or retreaded Obama appointees placed back into office by Biden. None of them being POTUS would allow America to survive.

And, can you in your worst nightmares picture President Pelosi?!?

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