Don’t Do Your Job!

A recent report that uncovered pernicious and gross malfeasance on the part of senior members of Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has been revealed and Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) wants some answers. Specifically he wants answers to why a ICE agent was threatened with suspension for arresting an illegal alien.

The unidentified agent could face a three-day suspension after he arrested a 35-year-old illegal immigrant from Mexico who had as many as 10 traffic violations.

The agent was ordered by supervisors to release the individual because he was not a “priority target.” When the officer balked, he was threatened with a three-day suspension and the illegal alien was let go.

Of course, given who’s ultimately in charge of the ICE, it’s not too surprising that senior members of that unit would either desire or feel compelled to to effectively say, “Don’t do your job!” to the officers in the field who are trying to be effective with little or no support.

Undocumented Democrats
Warning – Undocumented Democrats

The ICE is a normal, top-down authoritarian law enforcement body and, as such, when it stinks it stinks from the head down, And, in this case, it reeks like a crate of badly salted bacalao on a hot summer day.

This is what happens when Democrats are foolishly allowed to be involved in such matters. They count on the votes and donations from the poor, the unwashed, the criminal, and the non-White. They’re never going to make border security a priority and will always look for an excuse to allow illegals to stay in our country.

Sadly, Sen. Sessions’ inquiry will go nowhere until such time as Americans retake the Senate. Only then can we have some hope that reprisals will be taken against all those who were part of this evil.

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