As It Was So Shall It Be

As it was, so shall it be. The details and the victims might change, but the song – a dirge for profit and jobs in this case – remains the same.

Government Working On The Railroad - And what happened to AmTrak?
Government: I’ve Been Working On The Railroad

The Albuquerque Tribune was right on June 14, 1958 when they printed this cartoon and, if they changed the setting to reflect an industry that hadn’t yet been quasi-nationalized, they’d be right again today.

Nothing really changes. Government regulations quickly become archaic and cannot adapt to the changes in the marketplace. Likewise, they normally involve taxes design to fund government programs at the expense of business and those that business employs.

That doesn’t mean that all regulation and taxation is bad but it does mean that Americans must look upon them with jaundiced eyes, full in the knowledge that the agendas of those pushing for these things is likely to be antithetical to the vey foundations of American society and enterprise.

Posted with a grateful H/T to Yesteryear Once More.

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