A New Boston Tea Party?

It appears that the deep, deep, deep blue state of Massachusetts is still, even after 240 years of increasing Liberalism, a hotbed of rebellion against foreign overlords.

Obama Boston Tea Party
A New Boston Tea Party?

Despite being the state that beta-tested Obamacare, they’ve decided that they need to throw it or, at least, parts of it into Boston Harbor.

In particular, they have no use for the stupid, destructive, and unthinkingly restrictive and punishing rules that Obamacare will inflict upon the engine that drives Massachusetts’ economy, small businesses.

The editorial, entitled, “Mass. Needs An Obamacare Waiver for Small-Business Health Plans,” argues that while the state has “made a concerted effort in the last few years to rein in health care costs for small businesses,” the fact is that “new federal regulations written to implement the Affordable Care Act threaten to undercut those efforts — and saddle thousands of Bay State businesses with big increases in premiums.”

Last December, Massachusetts officials wrote to federal regulators, suggesting the possibility of a waiver from the new rating factors for small businesses that are required under Obamacare. The letter indicated that the regulations would result in a substantial number of citizens experiencing, “extreme premium increases.”

While the commonwealth previously allowed insurers to rate on factors such as age (2-to-1 rate band), industry type, participation rates, and group size, the new Obamacare regulations only permit health plans to adjust premiums based on individual vs. family enrollment, geographic area, tobacco use, and age (3-to-1 rate band). Hence, the new federal rules are much more restrictive.

This, coming from the state that already implemented “universal” socialized health insurance – and which continues to pay a drastic and painful economic price for doing so – must be sticking in the craws of the Obama Regime like a chicken bone.

To make matters worse for the Campaigner-in-Chief, there’s little hope that he can shuck, jive, and twist things around enough to placate the Bay Staters by blaming it on “King” George.

NOTE: The MA politician that you won’t see rebelling in Boston Tea Party fashion against Obamacare is, ironically, the one that consistently and fraudulently claims she has the most right to dress as an Indian, Elizabeth Warren. She’s not the sort to leave the reservation. 😉

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5 Responses to “A New Boston Tea Party?”

  1. Alfie Says:

    One thing about Lizzie Warren though is that she did indeed sign onto a letter to the Admin. about the medical sales tax thing as this too will hurt the Bay State.

  2. jonolan Says:

    Well that’s a pleasant shock or, at least, it seems so at face value.

  3. Alfie Says:

    Well she’ll find a way around it. Let’s see if she cares about any of our financial institutions and the jobs connected to those.

  4. jonolan Says:

    Yes, I guess you’ll see. I do doubt, however, that the waba squaw cares about – in a favorable way, at least – any financial institutions or jobs except those that she feels will benefit her directly. He personal history and finances seem to make that moral failing quite apparent.

  5. jon Says:


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