Code Talkers

In the ongoing war against against identity theft, information loss, and digital espionage, sometimes you have to go “old school.”

Aside from the geek humor that I love so dearly, this cartoon by XKCD is very unusual in that it actually uses the correct words instead of gibberish.

  • A’la’ih is the phonetic spelling of Diné bizaad (the Navajo Language) word for the numeral one
  • Do’neh’lini is the Diné bizaad word for neutral, but could be used as zero since the Navajo do not have that numeral in their language

Of both both of the above are rough approximations since the Navajo language, Diné bizaad, maps very poorly onto English orthography. It maps even more poorly than Gaelic (Gaeilge) does.

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2 Responses to “Code Talkers”

  1. Chan Elson Says:

    lol. “Nerd Code Talkers”

  2. jonolan Says:

    Yep; Nerd CodeTalkers. 😉 I’m glad you got a laugh out it.

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