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12 Years Of Obamacare

Posted in Politics on March 26th, 2022
ObamaCare Hindenberg
12 Years Of Obamacare

Yesterday marked the 12th anniversary of Obamacare – also mendaciously and ironically known as the Affordable Care Act. But tell me, in the course of those 12 years of Obamacare, have you or anyone you know objectively benefited from it? I know that I haven’t and that nobody I know has. Then, I and most of them are Gen X Whites and not the intended beneficiaries of it.

But, 12 years is a long time, more than long enough to shake out any “birthing pains” in this sweeping piece of federal intrusion into the most personal segment of the private sector. I’d have expected to hear some crowing – or, at least happy, I-Told-You-So mention of – over its successes. But I haven’t heard or read or word.

So, tell me; has 12 years of Obamacare benefited you or anyone?

Funny & Fucked Up But …

Posted in Humor, Music, Politics, Society on March 25th, 2022
Funny & Fucked Up But Oddly Sensible
Funny & Fucked Up But Oddly Sensible

Just looking at this picture of kids in band class, all masked up – them and their instruments – is enough to cause a sane person to suffer a severe frisson combining both the need to laugh and to facepalm. It is funny as hell and just as fucked up.

Oddly though, it’s also sensible. Both singing and playing wind instruments spread a lot of aerosolized “respiratory fluids” through the air. And hey! Putting what amounts to mutes on these instruments might just save the sanity of their instructors. 😆

Ready To Ride?

Posted in Politics on March 24th, 2022
Are You Ready To Ride Again?

Are you ready to ride again, without wearing a federally mandated face-mask (PPE)? A lot of us are, and some of our Senators recognized this, including 8 Senate Democrats know this. They, with no help from Romney, sided with Republican Senators to kill off Biden’s mask mandate for public transportation. The Senate passed the bill 57-40 on Tuesday, March 15, 2022.

More Than Ready To Return To Beautiful Normalcy

I, like most Americans, really want to end the various travel restrictions and move back towards normative, non-panicdemic behaviors. Sadly, even with those 8 Democrat Senators actually doing their jobs and representing the will of the Americans that they’re paid to represent, it’s not going to happen now. Firstly, the bill would need to be ratified by the House – highly unlikely but not impossible; and, secondly, Biden would have to not veto the bill when it reached his desk, something that the White House has already said that Biden’s handlers would have him do.

So, whether we’re ready to ride again or not, it’s not happening. The Legislature is not going to curtail the Executives’ overreach into matters of public transit across the states. And, even then, this bill would not in any way – nor should it – affect State and local restrictions upon mass transit.

Ongoing Travel Restrictions

Posted in Politics on March 22nd, 2022
Our Ongoing Travel Restrictions

Yeah, it’s kind of funny – in the either laugh or do something “untoward” sort of way – but a year ago there were a plethora of panicdemic-based travel restrictions preventing the American people going places, and now, since Biden was installed as POTUS by the Democrats, there’s economic restrictions upon our ability to travel. 🙄

And yes, it has more to do with Biden’s installation than with Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, no matter what Creepy Uncle Joe rants at his party members. Fuel prices, along with almost all other forms of inflation, immediately started to rise on November 4, 2020 and began doing so more sharply starting upon January 21, 2021. Certainly, Putin’s actions have made it worse in recent weeks; there’s no denying that. But, the “Biden Price Hike” set the stage for the level of pain American are feeling and the severity of our ongoing travel restrictions.

Biden's Inflating Lie

Posted in Politics on March 20th, 2022
Biden's Inflating Lie: It's Not His Fault
Biden’s Inflating Lie: It’s Not His Fault

Biden doesn’t know much of or about anything and is less than capable of communicating what thoughts he does have… except for when it comes to claiming that America’s dangerous inflation spike isn’t his fault at all. He rants quite well when he’s supporting that particular lie.

Lately, Biden reiterated his lie that he wasn’t in anyway to blame for inflation to a bunch of his fellow Democrats.