Sexist and Racist

We constantly hear various strident screams of “sexism!” and “racism.” Our society is filled with images of both of these “-isms,” images largely concocted in the minds of those grievance- and hate-mongers who are doing the screaming.

The only thing to note about these complaints is the interesting synergistic effects we get when they two screeds intersect.

One Is Sexist, The Other Is Racist
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The left image, that of the White slave girl, will be denounced as “sexist” as long as it doesn’t include a Black in the position of her Master or Mistress. The inclusion of a Black in the superior role immediate trumps any cries of sexism and doesn’t generate any cries of racism.

The right image, that of a Black babe in a submissive’s bondage gear, will be declared to be racist, not sexist – especially so if it includes a White in the position of her Master or Mistress. The tableau can only be decried as sexist if there’s a Black male in the superior role.

Yes, it’s a little interest to listen to the intersection of those who cry “sexism!” and those who cry “racism” when it comes to the fantasy or reality of power transference in sexual situations. Both what they shriek about and what they studiously remain silent upon paint a vivid picture of their own “kink.”

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One Response to “Sexist and Racist”

  1. Joe Says:

    I stumbled upon this looking for porn and had to let you know that you're absolutely retarded. You're literally fighting an enemy that you made up. IF an intersectional feminist had issues with these photos, IF, they would definitely consider the latter sexist, because that's what intersectional means, but you clearly haven't read anything, so you can stay mad about it. Have you considered dying mad about it, retard?

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