A Harsh Realization

Self inspection is for most people very difficult, especially when such musing and pondering centers on one’s place in the grand scheme of life.

Oh my God! I'm an NPC!
Oh My God! I’m An NPC!

And yes! We are most of us merely NPCs, bit characters in someone else’s story, forever doomed to play out our small parts and be forgotten, having done little at all which will be remembered by history. But this would be a harsh realization and most people won’t ever make it and will vociferously reject it if it is pointed out to them.

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2 Responses to “A Harsh Realization”

  1. Buffet Says:

    To me N.P.C. = National Physique Committee.?

  2. jonolan Says:

    Hehe…Non Player Characters. I guess the old D&D reference slipped by you. S’OK, I forget that gaming terms aren’t in everyone’s lexicon.

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