Someone Else…

The jabbering, hate-mongering filth of the “Black Community” love to rant against America and Americans, screaming and hooting that they’re owed something and that all their problems are due to racism.

Well, it’s time to shine the light of uncomfortable truth upon these vermin and watch them scurry for cover.

Your Back Look Like This, Boy?

To borrow from- and paraphrase the now infamous words of their boy, Obama, The First Black President, based solely upon your race:

  • Are you a slave, thought of as no better than livestock or a tool?
  • Is your back striped from the lash?
  • Can I, a White Man, buy and sell you, your woman, or the children she claims are yours?
  • Does the law effectively state that nothing done against you by a White is to be considered a crime?
  • Are you disallowed from having an education?
  • Are you prevented from having sex with and marrying whoever you choose?
  • Are you told where you can or can’t live?
  • Are there restriction on your ability to travel freely when and where you choose?
  • Are you barred from having a paying job or told what jobs are acceptable for you to hold?
  • Is it illegal for you own property or enter into a legal contract with someone?
  • Are you barred from voting?
  • Are you forcibly kept out of businesses?
  • Are you prevented from holding public office?
  • Are you told what public facilities, such was water fountains, parks, pools, and buses, you can use?
  • Are you forbidden from taking someone like me to task for, as I did above, calling you, “Boy?”

If you’re Black, were born in America, and the answers to the above questions are “No” – and they are – you didn’t build that or do anything to cause it to be the case, nor did your ancestors. Some else made that happen and that someone was White.

NOTE: On the specific issue of slavery, that the Blacks didn’t deserve or earn their freedom is somewhat irrelevant. Basic liberty in an inherent right and such rights do not need to be earned.

Learn to deal with that fact, harsh and uncomfortable as it is, or to shut up. Either choice is acceptable to America. Continuing on as you have been isn’t and America’s tolerance for you is wearing very, very thin.

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