Run ‘Bama Run!

Obama Elephant Stampede
Run ‘Bama Run!

With the 2014 midterm election ending in Republican control of House, Senate, 30+ Governorships, and most state houses, it’s pretty clear that Obama should be getting ready to flee before the stampede that is coming. I don’t, however, see that happening. Like the ever-so-typical African dictator of fact and fiction, the boy’s too narcissistic and ignorant to not stand before it. 😉

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5 Responses to “Run ‘Bama Run!”

  1. Buffet Says:

    I guess a tramplin’ is as good as a snipin’?

  2. Alan Scott Says:

    I am more cautious about predicting the future. We have been very fortunate in winning the midterms, but need I remind us all that every two years since Obama first got himself elected President the country has reversed itself. The caveat to that is if you go back one more election to 2006, when Democrats took both Houses of Congress in the last midterm of the Bush Administration, they then won everything the next election in 2008.

    So are the Republicans where the Democrats were in 2006? I hope so. Enough gloom. Things could continue to go right. Obama is now as unpopular as Bush was in 2006. We could run the table in 2016. ObamaCare is before the Supreme Court again. Jennifer Rubin in the Washington Post wrote that Justice Roberts is getting a do over on ObamaCare. If Roberts does not invent new law again, things could go very right. There I go again getting optimistic.

  3. jonolan Says:

    I’m just chuckling snarkily over the upcoming interaction between Obongo and the new, American-controlled Congress, Alan. The longer term politics are too much for me to predict at this time.

  4. Alan Scott Says:

    If I want to laugh, I just watch news coverage and commentary of President Obama’s trip to China. He has to be the most disrespected American President to visit China. To the Chinese and Russians he is a joke. His policy of weakness to those nations and Iran is amazing considering we are still the most powerful country in the World. Hopefully his term will end before something really dangerous happens in international affairs.

  5. jonolan Says:

    True, on the world’s stage Obama is a clown, a sad-faced jester cavorting about between greater and more meaningful performers.

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