BLM And Baton Rouge

Posted in Politics, Society on August 19th, 2016

#BlackLivesMatter Baton Rouge Relief Effort = Absolutely Nothing
#BlackLivesMatter Baton Rouge Relief Effort

Sadly but not in any way unexpectedly, this isn’t just sarcasm. #BlackLivesMatter insurrectionists, supposedly so very concerned over- and angry about the loss of Black lives in America has sent exactly zero aid to the largely Black residents of Baton Rouge, LA. Rest assured though that if some Black thug gets shot by the police for looting they’ll be there in droves attacking the police and murdering Whites.

I suppose we should just be grateful that these vermin haven’t yet blocked the roadways into the disaster zone.

Personal Principles

Posted in 2016 Election, Ethics & Morality on August 17th, 2016

You’re personal principles are based in hubris and selfishness, and not a small amount of the childishness we’ve come to expect from Liberals and Progressives, if you feel compelled to place them before the needs of your people, your culture, and your nation.

personal principles are often the principles of selfishnessYour Personal Principles?

Yes, I’m talking about the selfish children of the #NeverTrump “movement” – the people who are willing to allow Hillary to be elected when we have an open seat on the Supreme Court because they’re personal principles are offended somehow by Donald Trump. I’m talking about the people who’ve in order to feel good about themselves, either out of raw pettiness over the primary’s results or out of some delusion of moral superiority, have turned their backs upon America.

These are people who think solely or primarily of themselves and mistake and inflate the value of their own goals, feelings, and beliefs. They do not understand or do not care that one’s personal principles must always be subordinate to the good of the people whenever there is a threat to the latter. They either do not know or choose to ignore that there is no honor in “doing the right thing” when doing so harms the innocent. In that there is only hubris.

Understand that it doesn’t matter if you like Trump; I don’t. Nor does it matter whether or not you’ll think he’ll be a good or even marginal POTUS; I rather doubt it. What matters is that you accept the will of the majority of the American people, form up, and block Hillary’s path to the White House. What matters is that you reach deep inside yourself and find the patriotism to dirty your hands, mind, and if necessary your soul for the sake of your people, your people’s children, and your people’s children’s children. What matters is that you not become the generation that caused freedom to become extinct.

Make Lingerie Great Again

Posted in Society on August 16th, 2016

I’ve written repeatedly about the progressive degeneration of American society and culture, especially that of our sexual mores, expectations, and the trappings thereof. But now we have the chance to make at least lingerie great again and hopefully along with that restore some further greatness to America in general.

Make Lingerie Great Again

Truly, with the current popularity of “retro” in pop-culture combined with the growing resurgence of traditional American values and cultural mores, now is the best time to make lingerie great again by resexualizing classic, black lingerie and concurrently deprecating the more extreme sex wear that has been popularized over the recent years. Now is the time to break the cycle of perversion where the taboo has become titillating and the titillating has become trite or passé. Now is the time to back our eroticism and restore America’s normative sexuality.

Nor, despite the humor in this post, is this a ridiculous idea. In society, forms often follows function and presentation often determines substance. So this is the equivalent of “community policing” for America’s sexual morality. Fix the “broken windows” of sex wear and it will lead to people taking pride in their sexuality and not being perverts in the first place.