#BlackLivesMatter 2017?

Posted in Politics, Society on October 23rd, 2016

#BlackLivesMatter 2017#BlackLivesMatter 2017?

Will this be a vision of #BlackLivesMatter in 2017? Will we be seeing well-armed, half-naked thugs running around the broken, smoking ruins of their ghettos hunting for Whites to assault, rape, and/or murder in the coming year? Given their escalating violence and degenerating sense, I think this is an important question.

Think about it. Americans, stupidity addicted to “tolerance,” continually refuse to take reasonable measures to curb the Blacks’ excesses and protect the American population at large, so what’s to stop #BlackLivesMatter from spreading their insurrection and terrorism across America? They do, after all, hate us and desire to bring “Black America” to the forefront and displace White America.

Honestly, I can see no reason why 2017 won’t be a year of Black rebellion, insurrection, and racial terrorism. I can’t do so because one can’t apply reason to a thing that is not based upon reason.

It’s Your Choice

Posted in 2016 Election on October 20th, 2016

It's Your Choice. Choose Wisely And For The Greater Good Of America
It’s Your Choice – Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton

To a certain extent the choice for America’s immediate future is your hands. Your choices are Donald Trump of Hillary Clinton to replace Barack Obama in the White House. And yes, this is a choice about the future of America. Trump and Hillary, much like but even more so than Obama, are mere tokens representing a deeper choice for what, if anything our nation will become in the years ahead.

Indeed, the 2016 elections are less about what people are voting for than it is about what people are voting against and, the easily manipulated, knee-jerk reactionaries aside, it’s not the candidates themselves; it’s whole systems, ideologies, and cultures that those candidates, will they or nil they, represent.

So again, to a certain, circumscribed extent, it’s your choice how America moves on from here. Choose wisely.

Hillary’s Early Christmas

Posted in 2016 Election on October 18th, 2016

Hillary's Early ChristmasHillary’s Early Christmas

Some people such as Hillary Clinton are especially and specially privileged. They don’t have to abide by the normative calendar when it comes to being showered with holiday gifts. For example, Hillary’s Christmas Secular Non-Nationalistic Culturally Neutral Winter Celebration came very early, compliments of her ever-loyal Lamestream media.