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Maliki’s Desperate Gambit

Posted in 2014 Olympics, Humor, Politics on June 27th, 2014

If we can link ISIS to the Tea Party
If We Connect ISIS With The Tea Party

The truth be told, given the situation in Iraq, such a desperate gambit by Maliki is Iraq’s last, best hope. The only way that Obama will render them any real assistance before the 2014 midterm elections are over is if the Iraqi government can somehow connect ISIS with the Tea Party.

If they can do that, I’m sure Obama will use any and all force at his disposal to destroy them. 😉

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New Times, Old Tools

Posted in Politics on June 27th, 2014

Time passes but rarely truly changes. Peoples and nations plod head down and with heavy, stenorous tread through the well-worn ruts of history, marching like blank-faced automata through the pageant of birth, rise, stagnation, tyranny, and fall.

Modern Guillotine
In The Trade Of Liberty Tools Do Not Change Much

Certainly, America has it players for the parts of King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette in the persons of Barack and Michelle Obama. So too do we have a clergy, in the form of the intelligentsia, preaching the Divine Right of our would-be king and that of their aristocracy.

It then devolves to the American people to play the part of the Girondins or, needs must when the Devil drives, the Jacobins, for are we not already a society of the friends of the Constitution? Because, be it through means of Brissot or of Robespierre, something must be done to save America from the fast-approaching tyranny.


The Universe spirals downward to dissolution while the Reaper sits by, drinking tea sweetened with dead stars.

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Appointment With Failure

Posted in Politics on June 26th, 2014

Obama JokeOnce again Obama has had an appointment with failure. Once again the boy willfully violated the constitution in his quest for the trappings of authority, and once again the SCOTUS shot him down like a rabid dog.

The SCOTUS, in ruling upon Noel Canning v. NLRB, unanimously held that Obama’s appointment appointments to the National Labor Relations Board were invalid and an unconstitutional usurpation of Congressional authority.

That’s right! All nine Supreme Court Judges, even the Liberal ones, ruled against his illegal actions.

My fellow Americans, the SCOTUS in affirming the rulings of the lower courts in this matter, has solidly and bluntly put forth the legal ruling that Obama directly and willfully violated the Constitution of the United States of America and, in so doing, directly and willfully violated his Oath of Office.

I believe that this qualifies as “high Crimes and Misdemeanors” under Article II, Section 4 of the Constitution. A 9-0 SCOTUS ruling definitely makes Obama’s guilt a legal fact as opposed to a matter for prosecution and question. Can we now moved to the boy’s impeachment, please?

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