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A Junkie Is Dead

Posted in Music, Society on July 25th, 2011

Amy Winehouse was found dead in her bed Saturday afternoon security guard who her record label had appointed to help look after her over the past couple of years.

This has had the completely expected but still pathetic result of inundating the media with “tributes” to Winehouse in a sort off mass hysterical eulogizing the dead twenty-seven year-old drug addict.

Amy Winehouse - Stupid Dead Junkie
Amy Winehouse – Just Another Dead Junkie, Nothing More

Amy Winehouse was a junkie. Junkies die, normally young, every day of every year. Right thinking societies that haven’t degenerated beyond recognition don’t paint them as anything other than that.

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Solving For Iran

Posted in Politics on July 24th, 2011

As every sane human knows, the vermin in Iran are trying to develop nuclear weaponry in order to destroy Israel and hold the world hostage to their particular brand of Islamic terrorism. Also as every sane human knows, the West will do little to actively prevent this from happening while Obama, the Anti-Semite-in-Chief, is installed as the POTUS.

The West “takes its lead” from America so that America has to bear the brunt of the costs and Obama will never chivvy Europe into overt action.

Fortunately for humanity, the lack of effective overt preventative action to end the Ayatollahs’ jihad-driven quest for nuclear weapons doesn’t mean that covert preventative actions are not be carried out. Specifically, somebody is exterminating the vermin who are the technological and scientific core of the Ayatollah’s nuclear weapons program. Several have already been eliminated, slowing Iran’s progress towards WMDs.

The Islamist Vermin In Iran Keep Claiming Their Nuclear Program Is Peacefule
True, But In Islam Peace Is Only Slavery Or Death

With Obama siding with Iran in every overt manner and the rest of the Civilized World being too venal to lead the way, this culling of the more threatening jihadis in Iran is the best delaying tactic available to humanity. It will hopefully slow Iran’s progress towards nuclear weapons long enough for Obama to be removed from the picture by some means and more effective and permanent steps to be taken.

Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and his lap dog / catamite, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are, of course, blaming America and Israel for the exterminations and I hope they’re actually right this time because if America is involved it likely means that the intelligence community and possibly SpecOps are operating independently without Obama’s approval or knowledge and, given Obama’s nature, that can only be a good thing for humanity.

More likely though is that it’s Israeli intelligence. Realizing that while Obama is the POTUS America cannot be classed as an ally in any meaningful manner, they’ve probably taken the steps necessary to stay alive until Obama’s anti-Semite regime is removed from power.

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Shades Of Gorbachev

Posted in 2012 Election, Politics on July 22nd, 2011

Obama As GorbachevOne piece of good news for America is that there is more and more evidence that there is little or nothing but bad news for the Liberals and their party of choice, the Democrats. Their days as a political force in our country are coming to a close.

This has happened because Obama, Pelosi, and Reid – and/or their handlers – gambled – in fact the went “all in” – on a big push for Statist measures and a neo-Socialist agenda and they lost, lost big.

All that they achieved was near-beggaring the nation, causing a Hooverian extension and worsening of the economic malaise, and waking up the American people, who then chose to take back their country and its government.

This week’s fight over raising the federal debt limit exposes a key weakness in the warfare-welfare state that has bestowed power onto the Democratic Party: Without an ever-growing share of the economy, it dies. Every vital element of the Democrats’ coalition — unions, government workers, government contractors, “entitlement” consumers — requires constant increases in payments, grants and consulting contracts. Without those payments, they don’t sign checks to re-elect Democrats.

Like it or not, Obama is not the new FDR, but the new Gorbachev: a man forced to preside over the demise of a political system he desperately wants to save.

Democrat champions in the punditocracy confidently predict that the future of the world’s oldest political party is bright. But in fact, the coalition that is the modern Democratic Party is doomed. Every pillar upholding its heavy roof is crumbling.

That’s the problem with going “all in” when you’re bluffing and have nothing to back it up. When you’re called, you lose it all. That’s what has happened to the leftists and their pet politicians.

Obama is now truly much like Gorbachev was then. His mouthings are just the rhetorical floundering of a lost and bewildered politician trying to be heard over the roar of lost faith in a failed model of government. Obama, figurehead, scapegoat, judas goat, or whatever for the Liberals and their Democrats, just cannot be heard anymore – and Pelosi and Reid aren’t even speaking at all.

Thanks to the stupidity of Obama, Pelosi and Reid they even lost the terms of the arguments. Under the new rules of engagement the arguments are now solely voiced in conservative American terms. Liberal and Progressive catch-phrases, terms, and dog-whistles have been cast onto the trash heaps of history.

Even if Obama is granted a second term as POTUS it won’t matter that much. Indeed, perhaps it’s fitting the America’s First Black President be the one who presides over the dissolution of Liberal and Progressive ideology as a political force in America.

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