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Of Course It’s Our Fault

Posted in Society, The Environment on February 26th, 2009

Sometimes it’s quite amazing the level of mental contortions the global socialists will put themselves through in order to blame the Civilized World for every woe experienced on this planet. In this particular case it’s the lengths that the Anthropocentric Global Warming alarmists will go through in order to blame developed nations for the actions of the less developed and civilized nations’ voluntarily chosen courses of action.

From the Center for International Climate and Environmental Research – Oslo (CICERO) via Green Biz:

Rich countries’ invisible emissions

Almost half of the emission increase in China is due to production of exports, most of it to western countries, according to a new report.

Rich countries are contributing to the emission increases in developing nations, but this is not accounted for in international negotiations.

The report “Journey to world top emitter”, to be published in Geophysical Research Letters, states that Chinese CO2 emissions increased by 45 percent from 2002 to 2005. Half of the increase was due to export production, 60 percent of which was exported to western countries. Electronic commodities and metals are important products.

Only 7 percent of the emissions increase was triggered through househould consumption in China, the researchers from the University of Cambridge, CICERO, Carnegie Mellon University, and University of Leeds found.

Global system

– This makes us reflect on how we are a part of a global system, and how we partly drive emissions in other countries. It is important to take at least some responsibility for problems that we cause indirectly in other countries, says Glen Peters, researcher at CICERO – Center for Climate and Environmental Research in Oslo.

Electronic products, metals, chemicals, and machinery are export products contributing largely to the emissions increase.

– This doesn’t mean that trade is a bad thing. The problem is rather the type of products and how they are produced. It wouldn’t be so bad if China used its comparative advantage to produce products that meet global environmental objectives, he says.

Carbon leakage

International climate agreements do not account for how emissions cross national borders because of imports and exports. In the Kyoto Protocol, every country is responsible for emissions on its own territory.

The process where a country reduces emissions on its own territory but increases imports is known as «carbon leakage».

– We do not need to completely redesign Kyoto, but we could include incremental changes that address carbon leakage and competitiveness concerns. Climate policy could be designed in similar ways to existing tax policy. For example we could design carbon taxes in a similar way to value-added taxation which covers imported products. In that way the consumer would pay for the emissions caused by his or her consumption, Glen Peters says.

Following exports, capital formation – primarily construction – is the second largest driver of the emissions increase in China.

Putting aside the argument that Anthropogenic Global Warming is nothing but a sham for moment, this attempt to blame the “rich nations” for China’s emissions is still nothing but a very poorly disguised attempt at global socialism. It’s just another Leftist dream of robbing the wealthier and more developed nations in order to redistribute their earnings to poorer and less civilized countries.

Not one single person outside of the PRC, much less any civilized nation, demanded that China take the shortest, easiest, and messiest road to industrial and international commercial might. The Chinese decided all on their own how to progress into a more modern industrial / commercial model.

But of course it’s our fault; it always is in the minds of these people.

The White Guy

Posted in Politics, Society on February 26th, 2009

Below is an interestingly disgusting and all too typical example of race relations as exemplified by America’s liberal media – and probably most ethno-guiltism-ridden Liberals in general.

There’s the White Guy

Katie Couric, anchoress of CBS Evening News, after spotting VP Joe Biden in the crowd at President Obama’s State of Union address, commented, “Nice to see a little diversity, with an African-American President, a female Speaker of the House, and there’s the white guy.” The “White guy” in question being the Vice-President of the United States, Joe Biden.

A cartoon showing White police officers and a chimpanzee – with no actual references to any individual or minority – is immediately and stridently denounced as being racist, but directly and overtly disrespecting the Vice-President by using a “racially tinged” diminutive – think “boy” – to refer to him is OK it seems, at least to Couric and her ilk.

If you’re expecting a general uproar over this, you’re most likely wrong. Go to the Liberal cesspit, HuffPo and read the comments to this video. Complaints about this aren’t being “received well.”

Would anyone care to hazard a guess at what would have happened if a news anchor had referred to Obama as the “Black guy?”

Criticizing Obama

Posted in Politics on February 24th, 2009

As I have said before America is in a problematical position; we’ve elected a man as POTUS who self-identifies in public as Black and is defined by the media primarily in the terms of his race. Any criticism or depiction of President Obama will be heavily scrutinized to determine if it either contains some form of racial tenor or if it can be twisted into seeming to contain such in an effort to discredit, marginalize, and silence the source of such criticism.

It is somewhat heartening to see that a few of Sean Delonas’ peers understands what is going on and refuse to remain silent about it.

Cartoon Criticism In A Post Bush World by Brian Fairrington
Cartoon by Brian Fairrington via the Wall Street Journal

The Liberals are certainly not above using the axe of political correctness and the stigma of racism to attack anyone who criticizes Obama; that was proved by the incessant race-baiting during the election.

America is in for a bumpy ride over the next few years. Hopefully we’ll be able to hold out against the ranting hordes who would use any means available to silence us.

Human Rights Unimportant

Posted in Politics on February 22nd, 2009

The United States new Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, shocked and dismayed human right proponents last week during her visit to the People Republic of China (PRC).  Clinton vowed not to let human rights concerns hinder cooperation with China.

We have to continue to press them”on Taiwan, Tibet and human rights, but our pressing on those issues can’t interfere with the global economic crisis, the global climate change crisis and the security crises.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

The Evil Old Men in Beijing, the leaders of the brutal, repressive and hyper-authoritarian Asian state are now quite relieved. They had previously been concerned that President Obama would take a firm stance against their various crimes against humanity. Hillary ‘s conciliatory visit has removed or lessened those concerns.

In the wake of Clinton’s concession, the PRC’s  State Propaganda Outlet, the People’s Daily, praised her and the Obama administration for “their profound understanding of the importance of U.S.-China relations.”

Of course this sort of capitulation is not unexpected. China replaced Japan as the number one holder of U.S. treasury debt  in September, 2008, with its overall holding hitting $585 billion dollars, according to U.S. Treasury data.  Since Obama and his Liberals are hell-bent on increasing the US deficit by several trillion dollars over the next few years, it’s unsurprising that his administration is taking a supplicant’s role in dealing with our nation’s creditors.

Despite all the seditious ravings of the Left against the previous US administration, this abomination is the real New World Order – the culmination of the Leftists’ dream of  The Post-American World.

The Obama Genome

Posted in Humor, Politics on February 21st, 2009

Ellen Degeneres has “outed” President Obama. The lesbian actress and comic has uncovered the rarely studied Obama Genome.

Barack Obama and Ellen Degeneres
You Really Are Half White!

Yeah, yeah – I know. We’re not really supposed to talk about that half of the President’s ancestry or his upbringing – but if he’s going to dance that way, what’s a guy to do? 😆