Dressed To Kill

The 2012 Grammy Awards were held on Sunday, February 12, 2012 and, as usual the songstresses in attendance were dressed to kill. That somewhat cliched phrase, “Dressed to Kill” seem to have more than one possible meaning this year though…

The Barbadian-born R & B / Hip-Hop singer Rihanna went with the more classic definition of the phrase, looked very fine and hot doing so, and proved once again that Barbados has more to export than rum.


The Russian-born Pop artist, Sasha Gradiva took a more linear and literal definition of “Dressed to Kill” to heart when she chose her ensemble with striking, though not alluring, results. 😯

Sasha Gradiva

Two beautiful women, Rihanna and Sasha Gradiva, with two wildly disparate views on Grammy fashion and what “Dressed to Kill” means arrived at equally stunning examples of their take on that phrase.

It’s probably best though that they made the fashion choices that they did. Rihanna, after her Man Down single, might have had trouble getting into the awards ceremony wearing a dress like Sasha Gradiva’s – especially with Chris Brown in attendance. 😆

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