Regarding Noorgard

Kari Noorgard - Eco-TrollRecently, it was made known to the public at large that University of Oregon faculty member, Kari Noorgard, who holds post-graduate degrees only in Sociology, describe any and all who disagree with the Warmists’ agenda as sick and likened their refusal to accept what the Warmists feed them to racism – to the point that she equated it with the 19th century struggle to end slavery.

You would think that a sociologist would know what kind of response this would engender.

Alas, education isn’t what used to be, especially in the “softer” subjects like Sociology. Noorgard’s few comments on the condemnation she brought down upon herself show that she is shocked by it.

The inflammatory rhetoric and Noorgard’s gross stupidity aside, she does have a point. There is a very strong and direct correlation between “Racism” and “Global Warming.”


In both Racism and Global Warming the core definitions of what these terms mean and what constitutes the causal factors thereof was ordained by a small minority and no dissent from that dogma is tolerated by them or their believers.

Scope and Blame

In both Racism and Global Warming the scope of causation and the bulk of the blame is placed upon a specific set of individuals.  In both cases it is predominately White populations who are blamed and expected to bear the costs and non-White populations who are excused and slated for tangible benefit under the proposed mitigation / reparation plans.

Individual Results

In both Racism and Global Warming any negative result, occurrence, or finding – no matter how far-fetched – is because of the declared problem and every positive result, event, or circumstance is in spite of the declared problem. No positive outcome is ever accepted as evidence that the problem is less sever than it is purported to be, much less largely nonexistent.


In fact, both the arguments and the proposed “solutions” for Racism and Global Warming are so fundamentally similar that is clear that we are still fighting the same war we’ve been fighting for several generations – the war to keep our liberty, the fruits of own labor, and the futures of our children. The enemy has couched things in wildly different terms but the nature of the attacks and their agenda have not changed one iota.

And, as we have painfully learned in the last few years, our first response to the shrill cries of “Global Warming” should be the same as those of “Racism.” They should be ignored unless it is convenient to tell the whiner how very little he, she, or it is worth.

Neither cry is anything more than the jabbering howls of Leftists and/or their minority tenants who have no argument of merit. Both are merely cynical and base attempts to silence the opposition through social pressure.

Really! What are creatures like Keri Noorgard, Al Gore, and their fellow travelers but the Jesse Jacksons, Al Sharptons, and Jeremiah Wrights of the Global Warming scam? Ignore them or mock them unless you’re forced to reach the conclusion that silencing them is worth the effort and personal costs and consequences.

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