OK, That's Fair And Funny

OK, That's Fair And Funny
OK, That’s Fair And Funny

Alright. It’s true that I rarely lampoon Republican politicians, those doing what they can to hold the line and defend my country from our domestic enemies. Still though, fair is fair, funny is funny, and irony should burn at least a little. So, Democrats laughing at Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA 14) when she called for decorum in the House not only doesn’t offend me, I actually find it a bit funny and a fair response.

Let’s face it; MTG is a lot things, and most of them are good or based upon The Good. But having even a passing acquaintance with decorum isn’t one of them. Or, at least, she’s not to-date shown any fondness on the job for staying within decorum’s bounds. So…

😆 🙄 😛

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