Sick Vick’s Punishment?

It’s doubtful that this would ever happen, even if and when Michael Vick is convicted of the heinous crimes of funding and running a dogfighting operation, but it would be fun to watch.

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The Author’s only real concern would be the possible negative impact on the dogs who were carrying out the sentence. Given Michael Vick’s genital herpes infection and his possible drug use, it would probably be unjust cruelty to the dogs to force them to put him in their mouths. Maybe we could use rats instead; America’s vermin getting rid of America’s vermin?

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5 Responses to “Sick Vick’s Punishment?”

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    […] The new one is Reflections From A Murky Pond. To be honest I don’t really know the blogger who runs the place but he does happen upon my little sanctuary on the net and even comments from time to time. So, hey, least I could do is give the guy some blogroll goodness. Besides! I totally dig his Micheal Vick post with the awesomely photoshopped picture. […]

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  3. jonolan Says:

    Follow-up: Michael “Sick” Vick has received his sentence on the federal charges – may he receive the punishment he deserves, an Anally Injected Death Sentence!

    Rot in Hell you sick ass ghetto thug!
  4. raymusicman Says:

    so you’d want to see michael vick attacked by dogs? What a scumbag you are – a vile rotten individual – you’re a thousand times worse than you claim HE is! When you put dogs on the same level as human beings, you’re morally deformed and depraved – there are no other words for it! You eat meat, dont you? Dont animals suffer and die to make that possible? Do you care THEN?
    Of course you dont! People like you are the ones who need to burn in hell, not mr vick, who’s a better man than YOU could ever be! Whining about dogs this way – what are you. a bunch of stupid naive children?

  5. jonolan Says:


    I put dogs on a higher level than sick ghetto thugs like Vick. That you don’t do so as well, strongly implies that you either have an agenda or see too much of yourself in Vick to be comfortable with the imagery posted above.

    Actually I’d – as I said in the post – prefer to use rats specifically because I’m concerned about the negative impact of the dogs. It’s also more poetic to use one type of ghetto vermin to punish another. Of course my absolute desire is for Sick Vick to die the way he was intended to – slowly from AIDS and hepatitis after being ass-raped in prison.

    Welcome to Reflections From A Murky Pond though. Your comment was one of the more well-written rants I’ve read in quite a while. It’s refreshing to find someone who can spew vitriol while maintaining style and cohesion.

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