No White Coke!

White Coke CanThe Coca-Cola Company is pulling its special white holiday cans from the shelves months earlier than originally planned because of a backlash from consumers.

According to The Wall Street Journal, there were perceived taste differences and many found the white cans too easy to confuse for diet coke – because reading the can’s label was just too much work or took too much thought.

While not directly causative, this bit of stupidity is indicative of why America is in the piss-poor shape that it’s in. Too many people are too mentally deficient and too lazy to even begin to do for themselves but are seemingly always willing and able to complain and to demand that “the powers that be” make changes to enable their unmerited comfort.

It’s really no wonder that wealth, influence, and power are concentrated among the few when the many are little more than mindless drones.

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2 Responses to “No White Coke!”

  1. Black Girl Thinking Says:

    Every year at around Christmas Coca Cola releases a winter themed Coke can and I have always enjoyed seeing each year what the can will look like.

    It is complete ridiculousness that people are so lazy and accustomed to thinking that everything should be catered to their laziness that they would even complain about a damn Coca Cola can being too difficult to identify. smh

  2. jonolan Says:

    Yes, but that level of laziness is what society seems to have largely devolved to. While a trivial thing, this business with the coke cans is an indicator of just how screwed-up people are and how difficult it is going to be to fix anything that needs fixing.

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