Obama’s Quandary

Poor President Obama has a bit of a quandary. We’ll he be a leader and make a decision when all his choices are bad for his future as a President and for his hopes of reelection in 2012, or will he be a survivor – and a two term President – by choosing not to decide?

Indecision - the difference between leading and surviving
Obama’s Quandary – Too Lead Or To Survive

It’s one thing to be a rat caught in a trap. It’s another and, for a politician, worse thing to be the mouse caught between a number of traps. Knowing the doom that awaits and having to choose between – or to choose none – is a far worse torment.

Each piece of cheese looks so tasty, but he knows that whichever one he chooses – Healthcare, Global Warming, Foreign Trade & Relations, National Security, or the Economy – will result in his political demise and the loss of whatever hope he might have for reelection.

Of course President Obama has it even worse than the mouse in the picture. He’s a mouse caught between traps but he’s not alone. There are the Liberals, his constituency right there with him and the Liberals are much like mice and rats; they have the tendency to devour their their own when trapped for any length of time. 😉

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