Future Planning

The future will always become the present with the march of time. One must understand one’s hopes and plan ways to realize them. Or one must surrender those hopes and so very much more.

Hope, But Plan As Well
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In the admittedly unlikely – but far from impossible – event of UN troops being sent to America to disarm and quell the People, it’d be a hard choice between any of the Kalashnikov variants and those of the M-16. I suppose it would come down to which foreign nation’s troops were being deployed in your area.

The Gods have mercy on your souls, however, if it’s African troops in your area. History, especially WW1, has taught us the horrid lesson of what happens when Africans occupy White nations. For that reason alone I would slightly prefer the Kalashnikov…because no African under arms could sanely and morally be allowed to live.

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2 Responses to “Future Planning”

  1. Alan Scott Says:

    Wouldn’t the AK-47 be superior? In an occupation guerilla tactics would be more likely than other combat. The AK-47 is more rugged, easier to maintain, and easier to operate by poorly trained personnel.

  2. jonolan Says:

    Yes, for most field operations the Kalashnikov is the superior choice, not in the least because it’s so bloody easy to use and maintain. In any guerrilla war within your own territory, however, your choice has to be that which you can get ammo for. In other words, you have to choose whichever the enemy is using.

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