A Free People

A not-so-gentle reminder of one of life’s fundamental truths…

A Free People - Pres. Washignton's Timeless Wisdom
Freedom Is Assured Through Arms & The Willingness To Employ Them

It is important for Americans to remember that our freedoms are only maintained through force and the threat of force.

No politician and no governing body made up of them can ever be long trusted to work in the best interest of we, the People unless they live and work under the implied threat of harm to them and their kin and no threat is meaningful or credible unless they are convinced of our conviction and determination to do that harm and to carry it out with extreme prejudice as no mercy or restraint.

This is not a pleasant truth but it is a truth. All that ever changes is how direct and how widespread the threat has to be in order to keep the enemies at bay and/or under our control.

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