Kill Joe The Plumber

The Leftists and their MSM surrogates are hell bent to destroy Joe “The Plumber” Wurzelbacher. While I’ve found no evidence that any of them have actually called for his murder, they have done their best to smear him, discredit him, and make his life a misery. Because he – a normal blue collar American, with all the faults attendant upon on that status – asked Sen. Barack Obama a tough question.

Jedi Will (jediwill1974) has a video that sums up the situation better than I can.

H/T to Steven Shores at Regeneration

Joe’s not going away people. Joe is every normal, hard working American. When the Left, the Obama campaign, and the media attack Joe like they have done they’re attacking each and every one of the rest of us as well.

They are saying, “How dare he ask a question like that!”

They are saying, “If you make Obama look bad, we will punish you. We will make you pay.”

Is this what any American wants to vote for? Have we come so far down the road to policing thought that we feel the need to attack those who question candidates for political office?

Does it seem strange to anyone besides myself that the Left, the Obama campaign, and the media attack Joe the Plumber for merely questioning Obama but defend Ayers for engaging in terrorism as a form of protest against the US government?

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  1. Brave Men « The Reluctant Optimist Says:

    […] Hat-tip to Reflections of a Murky Pond. […]

  2. Stephen Says:

    Thanks for the link!

  3. jonolan Says:

    You’re welcome. I try my best to never scrape content from another blog without giving a link (h/t) for it.

  4. The Messiah's Clothes | Reflections From a Murky Pond Says:

    […] Kill Joe The Plumber – The media and Obama supporters attempt to destroy a Joe for asking Obama a question […]

  5. Daniel Yahraes Says:

    Oh, gimme a break… this country is filled with crazies… much like Joe The Plumber… who apparently, just signed a recording contract to cut a country music album.

    Hard working my ass… how many plumbers you know who have a publicist and ready to cut a country music album?

    His dream has never been to open his own business… just to a big fish in a pond filled with morons.

    Congratulations… you found a new hero.

  6. jonolan Says:


    It really doesn’t matter who or what Joe the Plumber is. What matters is that a man asked Obama a question and was viciously attacked for it. The Obama supporters even went to illegal lengths to invade his and his families privacy in the hopes of finding some means to destroy him as punishment for his “crime.”

  7. Daniel Yahraes Says:

    and screaming Obama’s a terrorist and kill him is just idle talk…

    You know, this “invasion” of privacy is extremely self-serving.

    Example… why is John McCain not shamed for deciding to exploit “Joe” and turn him into his campaign tool? Joe also got an all expense paid flights to New York and various campaign rallies. It seems to be ok to exploit someone when you think they’re on your team, but both McCain and Obama are under the scrutiny of the world and world media’s spotlight… McCain brought Joe deeper into this… and Joe went with it… getting an agent and a country music recording contracts.

    Ever heard of the phrase “there are no free lunches”?

    Plus, a lot of Joe’s records are public information.

    And I’m tired of all your “Left” “Obama Supporters” “Liberal” crap.

    I voted Ross Perot in 92. So what does that make me?

    Yeah, I’ll vote Obama… he may turn out to be a jerk, but right now I like him. Is that acceptable? Can I like him and not Nancy Pelosi? Can I like Ron Paul but not Joe the stupid non-plumber? Can I like the greatest Republican ever, Abe Lincoln and John F Kennedy?

    Liberal, Conservative, Left, Right… these terms are old, stupid, trite, and out of date… it’s like US against THEM.

    I’ll never speak for all white, redheads (which is what I am), cause I’d never assume to know what all redheads think…

    Ugh… why am I bothering to write to your site… I don’t think I’ll be able to convince you of anything… you know it all.

    Good luck with that. You win… you know it all.

  8. Daniel Yahraes Says:

    Furthermore, the guy on the You Tube is so off the mark…
    Socialism? Hello, what is our police departments, public schools, fire departments… example of socialism… our taxes pay for this stuff… it’s not an example of capitalism…
    HE DOESN’T KNOW WHAT HE’S EVEN TALKING ABOUT… CHINA has been a socialist republic since 1947… AND WE’RE IN DEBT TO THEM!!! So Socialism hasn’t FAILED. My god, there are a list of several socialist countries and countries that use various aspects of socialism, communism, and capitalism in their governing. Plus, there is one regime that will always be considered non-Democratic, and that’s parenting… that should be a dictatorship with love and kindness… but firm nonetheless.

    Journalists and common folks alike questioned the questions Joe asked because McCain turned it into HIS story… how many millionaire plumbers are there? Half a millionaire? Quarter?

    I don’t think “Joe” was a ‘plant’ other than a self-appointed one.

    Do you think “Joe” was really looking for guidance from Barack Obama? Come on… he could have cared less…

    Plus, you aren’t a very serious business man if you’re going to throw all your future business aspirations on circumstances of a 5 minute conversation.

    Plus, wouldn’t a better universal health care system mean “Joe” wouldn’t have to provide coverage for his employees?

    The point of many of the journalists, as I saw it, over Joe is that his response to Obama’s answer was disingenuous. I (talking about me now, not anybody else), I think Joe HASN’T actually thought about having his own plumbing business than just HAVING THE THOUGHT. So, to me, how can you criticize anyone, McCain or Obama, on any of their tax plans if you don’t even understand business PERIOD?

    I would be far more supportive of Joe and his business plans if he actually had one… if he actually did an interview showing how he has done preliminary work drafting up owning his own business. THAT’S why this Joe crap is disingenuous.

    Furthermore, I SAW THE RALLIES WHERE THEY SAID “KILL HIM” referring to Obama… MORE THAN ONCE!!!

    Furthermore, a candidate should stand on his own belief system instead of throwing Joe Everyman into it… I mean, literally throwing an actual person into it.

    Symbolism is one thing… using an actual person is another.

    But like I said, Joe now wants to be a country music star. I guess his problems are all solved now… plumber to business owner to country music star… oh, that’s typical… Joe is Everyman.

    It’s all crap.

    Whatever… whatever… whatever…

  9. Daniel Yahraes Says:

    “Joe’s not going away people. Joe is every normal, hard working American.”

    That is so assumptive. Do you ACTUALLY know he works hard? Do you?

    Good lord… all this symbolism and nothing concrete…

    And I thought I saw Elvis’s face in my stool this morning…

    All crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy… it’s McCain, not Obama, who has now made this guy’s life “a misery”…

    By the way, who said his life is “a misery”? Like I said, he got a country music recording contract…

    More and more assumptions upon assumptions…


  10. jonolan Says:


    It’s apparent that you either have had little exposure to the vicious attacks attacks on Joe for simply asking Obama a question. or that you approve of such attacks.

    You are correct in on thing, you’ll never convince me that such things are acceptable. That much I do know.

  11. jonolan Says:

    Well, the Left took it to the next level. Now homosexual Huffington Post writer and radio host, Karel, aka Charles Karel Bouley has called for the murder of Joe “The Plumber” Wurzelbacher.

    Here’s the audio: WARNING: NSFW due to the foulness of the language.

    I suppose this really shouldn’t come as a surprise though. The Left’s attack machine has been increasing in both viciousness and violence steadily over the years.

  12. James Says:

    This doesnt surprise me at all. I figured this type of leftist following was what Barack Obama would pull in. Anyone who cannot see the writing on the wall is a complete idiot. This man will destroy America as we know it if he gets in office.

  13. Daniel Yahraes Says:

    Anyone asking anybody to be killed is a nut job… doesn’t matter the left or the right or the center or the middle or the adjacent…

    I’m never commenting on this site again… it’s just like the title, a Murky Pond… not anything I want to swim in anymore…

  14. jonolan Says:

    Ok, Daniel. Have a nice life.

  15. James Says:

    Screw you, Daniel. We dont want your crummy opinion anyway. If you reply to this, we will all know you are just a liar, as much as your candidate is.

  16. jonolan Says:


    While I thank you for your staunch support of both Reflections From A Murky Pond and American ideals, let’s not get too vitriolic in our denigration of Daniel’s viewpoint. We must be better than that, and therefore better than the Left that we combat.

    Personally, I appreciate Daniel’s candor. I don’t agree with the opinions that he emotes or the fact that he would rather attack Americans that question his hope for change than address the substance of their questions, but I think it’s useful to have first hand experience in how they think, emote, and operate.

    I’m actually sorry to see Daniel go.

  17. Daniel Yahraes Says:

    I thank u for defending me, but I still think your word usage of VENGEANCE and even entitling one of your postings as KILL JOE THE PLUMBER as absolutely horrible, horrible, horrible…

    I can’t stand Joe the Plumber, but I don’t want to see him hurt or touched… and I know you don’t want that either, but by SIMPLY titling your article KILL JOE THE PLUMBER may be perceived by some that you ACTUALLY WANT JOE THE PLUMBER KILLED!!!

    Why couldn’t you have titled it, “Threats Over Joe the Plumber” or “Threats Made to Joe the Plumber”?

    You need to take SOME responsibility on how you present your blog…

    I hate Ann Coultier with a passion… but I’d never say KILL HER…

    I love Harrison Ford, but if Harrison Ford had a death threat against him, I’d never entitle an article KILL HARRISON FORD.

    Ugh… you upset me so much… and you have a wife… so I assume you have kids…

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