“Snow Predicted”

Snow Predicted - Oil on Canvass“Snow Predicted”

Yeah, that’s about as iconic as one can get when it comes to how so many Americans react to any prediction of severe weather. 🙄

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4 Responses to ““Snow Predicted””

  1. Felipe Zapata Says:

    This must be a little too subtle for me. Oh, well. It never snows where I live, but sometimes I can see it in the distance, atop mountains.

  2. jonolan Says:

    It’s a thing, a meme even, though possible only on the East Coast. Whenever there’s a bad weather report, people go to the store and make sure to by milk, bread, and toilette paper.

  3. Alan Scott Says:

    There are still folks out of power in my general area from 8 days ago. Not many are staying home. Those that are, go to local creeks for water to flush their toilets. It was not the snow, but the wind. A lot of big old White Pines came down.

  4. joe aronesty Says:

    I find it telling that you intentional portray an image that looks half-dead to represent you. Are you trying to be scary? anyway, i try hard not to hate, and try to understand what brought people to where they are, just as i am where i am . so i will invite yu to email me – keep it civil – and see if we can convince each other of anything .. i am 70 – went to school with Trump – father of 5 – so i dont take well to stupidity .. but i wont assume you are stupid either. … However, look around. Trump’s popularity is INDEED sinking. If you only listen to Fox, you might not know that.

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