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Explaining Anything

Posted in Humor, Politics, The Environment on April 27th, 2012

Life is actually completely simple. Anything and everything in the world is very, very easy to explain…

Global Warming Murder
It Was AGW In The Study With Greenhouse Gasses

Anything even remotely unpleasant is because of Climate Change – which is, as all know through endless repetition and droning, President George Bush, Jr.’s fault.

The only flaw in this is “racism.” It hasn’t yet been determined if White’s endemic racism is because of AGW or if AGW is because of White’s endemic racism.

Anything even remotely pleasant is in spite of Climate Change – which is, as all know through endless repetition and droning, President George Bush, Jr.’s fault.

See? Life is simple. 😆

And Sadly They Did

Posted in Politics, Society on April 27th, 2012

John Adams, the 1st Vice President (17891797) and the second President (17971801) of the United States of America, was that rarest of men, a man of both uncommon learning and forward-looking wisdom.

Adam’s was also possessed of a great deal of humility and piety, both rarities in politicians.

He was also, by all accounts, a loving husband and father. Therein lay the seeds of his soul’s disappointment.

Nowhere in his writings is this more clear than in his letter of May 12, 1780 to his wife Abigail:

The science of government it is my duty to study, more than all other sciences; the arts of legislation and administration and negotiation ought to take the place of, indeed exclude, in a manner, all other arts. I must study politics and war, that our sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy. Our sons ought to study mathematics and philosophy, geography, natural history and naval architecture, navigation, commerce and agriculture in order to give their children a right to study painting, poetry, music, architecture, statuary, tapestry and porcelain.

— John Adams
Letter to Abigail Adams (May 12, 1780)

John Adams studied politics and war so that his sons could study such things as could build a nation so that, in turn, their sons could study such things as to build a culture and a culture’s pleasures. And such turned out to be the case, but in a manner more reminiscent of The Monkey’s Paw than any hopes of Mr. Adams.

Across the span of generations the scions of America’s house not only did study those successively less practical arts and science, they reached the point where they denigrated the studies of their forbears – the farther back in the chain, the harsher the scorn.

One need only look at what passes for politicians in these lesser days to see that we no longer study politics beyond those parts necessary to achieve and maintain a job in that field. One need only look at the vilification of our military for being “rough men” and the shift in how and why we fight to see that we no longer study the art of war. One need only listen to the modern youth and look at what they hope to do with their lives in order to see that the builders of past generations are no longer objects of respect.

John Adams set aside some measure of his sensibilities and proclivities and studied foundational arts and sciences so that future generations could study more genteel subjects – and sadly they did.

Social Justice

Posted in Politics, Society on April 26th, 2012

Social Justice - Stealing from Whites to give to non-WhitesFor years and years Americans have been forced to hear Liberals and minorities alternately whining and ranting about “Social Justice” and how it’s necessary for “fairness” and “equality.”

This is, of course, just a useful Liberal and minority euphemism. “Social Justice” is nothing other than stealing from Whites in order to give to non-Whites, most often Blacks.

There is no difference between the Liberal or Black in a suit with legislation in hand and the thug in a hoodie with a knife or gun. A thug is a thug and their goals are exactly the same.

Americans, hard-working Americans, White Americans – you need to Stand Your Ground.


Posted in 2008 Election, 2012 Election, Politics on April 23rd, 2012

Wikileaks LogoThat Was Then

America’s domestic enemies, the Liberals and Progressives, have to-date been quite enamored of- and staunchly supportive of Julian Assange’s anarcho-terrorist organization, Wikileaks. They’ve heralded Wikileaks as soldiers in the war against America and her allies and lent whatever material and emotion aid and comfort to Assange and his cronies that they could.

This Is Now

But now that Wikileaks has turned traitor, as it were, to the Liberals’ and Progressives’ cause and published data that indicates the Democrats committed election fraud in order to get their boy, Obama elected, can we expect this to change and for Wikileaks to be a valid target in their eyes?

Wikileaks recently published stolen internal email from the private intelligence and analysis firm, Stratfor which indicate that Black Democrats in Philadelphia, PA and various locations in Ohio did, in fact commit election in the 2008 presidential elections and that Senator McCain knew about it but refused to press charges or go public with the data for the good of the nation.

The black Dems were caught stuffing the ballot boxes in Philly and Ohio as reported the night of the election and Sen. McCain chose not to fight. The matter is not dead inside the party. It now becomes a matter of sequence now as to how and when to “out”.

Making public such accusations without deriding editorials, especially when they involve Philadelphia and Ohio where voting “irregularities” were complain of and ignored by the Obama Regime, is a direct violation of current Liberal and Progressive orthodoxy. Will the Left remain silent on such heresy?

Worse perhaps, Wikileaks disseminated the documents without sanitizing them. Those documents hit the public while still pinpointing Blacks as the criminal element having committed election fraud in order to “elect” their First Black President. According to the Leftists’ dogma that’s racist. Will the Liberals and Progressives still support such a racist organization as Wikileaks?

In the wake of Wikileaks’ turning against Obama by publishing evidence of his being “elected” through the criminal activities of Black Democrats will the Liberals and Progressives continue to support and lend aid and comfort to this anarcho-terrorist organization?

American Genius

Posted in Humor, Society, Technology on April 23rd, 2012

American genius is nigh on axiomatic across the globe – or, at least, it was. It doesn’t seem to be anymore and I’m not sure when, where, how, or why we lost our inventive genius.

Inventive Genius - A Lost American Art form
Inventive Genius – A Lost American Art form

C’mon! This shouldn’t be a “motivational poster.” It should be de rigueur in America. Our nation was built upon our seeing a need – or creating one – and building some widget to fulfill it.