Cold Hard Facts

Something are just too ironically funny to ignore. One of them is when important public and political figures are unable to attend a Global Warmists’ rally because of a blizzard.

From CNS News:

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) had to cancel an appearance Monday at a global warming rally in Washington, D.C., that was hit by a snowstorm because her flight was delayed, her office told

Brianna Cayo-Cotter, the spokesman for the Energy Action Coalition that held the rally, told a group of reporters that she had been in contact with Pelosi and that her flight had been delayed because of inclement weather.

A blizzard Sunday night and early Monday morning blanketed the nation’s capital with snow, causing events to be canceled and delayed across the city.

House Select Energy Independence and Global Warming Chairman Edward Markey (D-Mass.), who was scheduled to speak at the global warming event, also canceled his appearance because of the inclement weather, a spokesman from his committee’s office told on Monday.

That’s just too funny. Anyone with any wit – even the Anthropogenic Global Warming Advocates, though they’re mostly a self-important and humorless group – has to see the humor in both Nancy Pelosi and Edward Markey not being able to attend a Global Warming rally due to inclement weather.

Sadly, what is very much less funny is the fact that the Communications Director for the House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming later claimed – in direct contravention of the previously publicly reported facts – that Chairman Ed Markey, could not attend the global warming rally because of a “scheduling conflict.”

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3 Responses to “Cold Hard Facts”

  1. mssc54 Says:

    I think you are being just a bit hard on Emperoress Pelosi.

    Thank God for Global Warming! Can you imagine the amount of snowfall if it had actualluy been cold?!

  2. jonolan Says:

    Good point! In in NYC and that North-Easter today was freaking brutal. Imagine of that hadn’t been – like all other cooling trends apparently – “in spite of Global Warming.”

  3. Susanne Says:

    I’m sure they will say this was a result of global warming. My goodness, Alabama got snow … in March! It seems they always have some answer. But it IS really funny as you mentioned. 😀

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