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dark.jpgHello All,

I’ve modified my Google Adsense ads to clean up Reflections From A Murky Pond’s sidebars and to optimize the ad placements and numbers a bit better.

Please let me know if you think the new format is better or worse than the old one.


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11 Responses to “Adsense Optimization”

  1. jonolan Says:

    Addendum 1: I’m also shifting around a few widgets to optimize page loading times and further streamline the sidebars.

    Addendum 2: I’ve increased tag support across the blog to allow individual post tags to be displayed. This should hopefully make it easier to find related related articles.

  2. aafke Says:


  3. jonolan Says:

    Thanks! I got sick of the sidebars taking so long to load and figured everyone else had gotten sick of it too.

    The tags were an afterthought, but one I really like. It as definitely worth the time it took to learn how to modify the theme to show them.

  4. aafke Says:

    I miss the really athmospheric background picture though; there is very little left of it!

  5. Christy Says:

    I like the tag addition very much. I don’t use tags on my blogs (rather categories) but the end result is nearly the same and it’s a feature that I particularly love.

  6. jonolan Says:


    what do you mean? I made no changes involving the background. What are you experiencing and what browser do you use?


    Thanks! i try to please.

  7. aafke Says:

    It was from before you updated your blog: I got a page with a much larger piture of the ”murky pond” and since you’ve got the new format, so that was earlier, beginning Januari, or end December, I only see a tiny bit of pond left and right.

    And while I’m writing this, I suddenly realise that since a couple of weeks the (wide)screen of my laptop went dead, and I’m now using a really irritating old monitor until I’ve managed to find the bill and take it to the shop. so that might be it! Ooops!

  8. Christy Says:

    aafke, just right click on the image and it should give you the option of viewing the background image. *grin* I did that, too, because when Jonolan last updated, most of the image disappeared from view and I, too, loved it.

  9. aafke Says:

    Oh, hm, doesn’t work for me. I see the picture briefly when I open the page though.
    Anyway, thanks Christy.

  10. jonolan Says:


    What screen resolution is your old monitor running at?

  11. aafke Says:

    Me not know.
    Me total computer illiterate.
    Me also blonde.
    Anyway. will have to do something about laptop anyway. This monitor is really irritating to watch, and the colours aren’t nearly as good as they were on my laptop. So if it can’t be fixed I’m going to get a nice flatscreen to go with my current laptop while I start saving up for a Mac.

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