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Black Tea!

Posted in Coffee & Tea, Society on May 24th, 2015

A fine, thick negress enjoying a hot cuppa
Mmmmm….Black Tea

I’m really more of a coffee drinker but now and then I could really go for a hot cup of black tea. It’s even better if you put some cream in it. πŸ˜‰

Climate Qualifications

Posted in Announcements on May 23rd, 2015

The majority of the thinking world believes that Obama is far from qualified to speak upon Climate Change, not that such the Warmists would ever let a lack of qualifications stop them from applauding anyone who agreed with their doomsday cult’s dogma.

Obama's a Weather Man
Just Who Made Obama a Weatherman?

The thing is though that the boy is, in fact, eminently qualified to to speak upon Climate Change, what with Bill Ayers having spent years training Obama in the ways of the Weather Underground. πŸ˜†

Besides, who’s better qualified to speak of Global Warming than a world “renowned” Mendacitologist such as Obama?

Presidential Legacies

Posted in Humor, Politics on May 23rd, 2015

All Presidents are concerned about their legacies. Having essentially reach both the pinnacle and end of public meaningfulness, the tend to worry about how history will remember them. In this it is logical to conclude that Obama is more concerned with this than most of predecessors.

Presidential Legacies - Bush vs. Obama
Presidential Legacies – Bush vs. Obama

Of course, Obama is also in the lamentable position of having his legacy tied tightly with that of his immediate predecessor, President George W. Bush Jr.. This will cause the boy’s legacy to be compared to Bush’s.

Obama’s Immediate Threat

Posted in Humor, Politics on May 23rd, 2015

In the boy’s May 20th speech to the most recent graduating class of Coast Guard Cadets Obama expressed his belief that the most serious national security threat to our nation is Climate Change. 😯

Tides of War
If The Ocean Rises, Shoot It!

Ah well. I guess that, if Obama manages to get the military focused up adapting to- and combating the great quixotean windmill of Anthropogenic Climate Change, the JV Team might get their shot and that would remove the most serious national security threat to our nation, if not in a manner that would be easy to countenance.

MORE Ferguson Protests

Posted in Politics, Society on May 21st, 2015

Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment (MORE), a re-branded cell of ACORN, is responsible for hiring many of the protestors that incited the feral violence and insurrection of the Blacks in Ferguson. In a delightfully ironic twist, these same agents provocateurs are now protesting MORE because they didn’t get their paychecks.

FrontPage Magazine reports that MOREΒ  had contracted to pay the protesters $5,000 / month to demonstrate in Ferguson but has failed to #CutTheCheck.

Blacks’ MORE Sit-In In Ferguson

The protests of MORE seem peaceful – so far – but a bit feisty. That, of course, has been proven to be able to change on a moment’s notice however, with violence always a credible threat whenever Blacks protest anything – especially if Whites are on the receiving end.

Ah Schadenfreude. It warms the cockles of my cold heart. πŸ˜‰