The Best Halloween Costume

Posted in Humor on October 15th, 2021
The Best Halloween Costume Ever
The Best Halloween Costume Ever

You might have to be Southern to really get this, and you likely have to be from a rural or suburban area. But, if you are, I’m sure you agree that this is The Best Halloween Costume Ever. 😆

2021's Spooky Halloween

Posted in Humor, Society on October 14th, 2021

Last year was probably too soon and nobody was allowed to do anything anyway, at least not in any Dem-controlled zones. Now though, in 2021? I think it’s time to go for the truly timely and spooky Halloween costumes. 😛

What Spookier Halloween Costume Could There Be Than Corona-Chan?

That’s right! Corona-Chan aka Wuhan-Chan aka Miss China 2020 makes the best and spookiest Halloween costume. Better yet, the fun is infectious! 😆


Posted in Humor on October 14th, 2021

Forget Cryptocurrency; Go With Cryptidcurrency; It’s Harder To Trace
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ROFLMAO Yes! If you’re going to go dark with your money, go with something that is as hard to trace as possible.

Now It’s A Coup?

Posted in Announcements on October 13th, 2021
Mehdi Hasan - foreign-born, Muslim enemy of America and Christendom

So, now it’s a coup? Well, that’s what MSNBC’s foreign-born and -raised, Muslim, Mehdi Hasan would have you believe. It’s funny how the Dems and their media doing anything and everything, legal, extra-legal, or quasi-criminal to forcibly remove President Trump from office wasn’t a coup, but very valid concerns about the election that installed Biden and the one that might give him a second term is one. Then, that’s how their ilk behave.

Two things their breeds always seem to do: look in the mirror to find what to accuse Americans of, and paint with broad strokes and garish colors the God-fearing, American-loving citizens of our nation. And, that being the truth, Hasan is the perfect face and voice for them. He did, after all, declare that President Trump was the Caliph of the Christian Taliban.

Nine months after the storming of the United States Capitol, the attempt to overturn the results of the 2020 election is still underway. We are in the midst of a rolling coup.

— Mehdi Hasan

Ah well, those sorts’ projection and hypocrisy are things we’ve long grown used to. We’ve long ago grown used to our domestic enemies – and their foreign imports like Hasan – describing true-born and rightly-raised Americans as deplorable bitter clingers who are by dint of their birth racist, sexist, and a host of other proclaimed evils.

But, while it’s good that we Americans let these insults roll off our backs like water, not lending respect to the words and opinions of those who are themselves unworthy of respect or consideration, we do need to be aware that what they are doing is not aimed at us. It is aimed at their useful idiots and fellow travelers. We need to be cognizant that Hasan, his media cohorts, and the Dems are actively using techniques to radicalize their rank and file and goad them to violence against us.

Respect The Brew

Posted in Coffee & Tea, Food & Drink on October 11th, 2021
Respect The Brew

Truly! Respect the brew. There are mornings when it’s the only reason you live to see lunchtime. And, I do mean you, not me – for the generic “you” meaning anyone around me.