Just A Foreign Black Lesbian

Posted in Politics on July 3rd, 2022
Karine Jean-Pierre - Just A Foreign Black Lesbian
Karine Jean-Pierre – Just A Foreign Black Lesbian

According to even the strongly Left-biased Politico, reporters of all stripes are discontent with White House Press Secretary. Karine Jean-Pierre’s seemingly utter incompetence and inability or unwillingness to answer questions in anything resembling a coherent and substantive manner.

“At a certain point it wouldn’t surprise me if people started voting with their feet,” one White House reporter told POLITICO, predicting the lack of news from the briefings could result in waning attendance of reporters.

“She is so focused on not making a mistake that she doesn’t let herself speak freely,” another reporter said. “A lot of her responses end up becoming… it appears that she’s reading from a page.”

Frankly, I just don’t understand their apparent shock at this or their willingness to complain publicly about it. Jean-Pierre is just a mentally damaged, foreign, Black, lesbian. That is, insofar as the Biden Administration is concerned, all that she is. She’s a diversity hire, one that ticks almost all of the right boxes for their agenda. She’s just a token, exactly like Kamala Harris is. And, just like Harris, Jean-Pierre is largely left unsupported and largely unsupervised because her holding her position is what is important, not her being able to successfully fulfill the duties thereof.

In actual point of fact and in an act of total disrespect for her and the role she’s been placed in, simply because she’s just a token diversity hire, those who normally ensure that the Press Secretary is up to speed, may not trust her abilities enough to do their jobs.

And that, My Fellow Americans, is perfectly normal. Anyone who’s had to deal with diversity hires has learned to the need to- and how to work around them and mitigate the damage that they’ll do. So, the Press shouldn’t be shocked by Jean-Pierre’s performance at all.

Separate But Equal

Posted in Humor on July 2nd, 2022
Separate But Equal - Another Meaning
Separate But Equal – Another Meaning

Separate But Equal doesn’t always means what you think it means and it doesn’t always refer to previous attempts to protect the Races from each other and each other’s cultures. 😉

Yeah, though they seem utterly unrelated promises, there’s really no difference between a fishing man’s “One last cast,” and woman’s “I’ll be five minutes.” In either case, it means in all truth that you’re going to be there waiting for a fair bit of time. Five minutes, one last cast – same ol’, same ol’.

Mathematically Proven Pizza

Posted in Food & Drink, Humor on July 2nd, 2022
Mathematically Proven Pizza
Mathematically Proven Pizza

Even Math, the language of Creation, proves pizza and explains it. 😆 But then, that should come as no shock whatsoever to anyone in the Civilized Word because it’s pizza!

Love The Ones Who Fish

Posted in Society on July 1st, 2022

Love The Ones Who Fish! I Certainly Do!

It’s not only Summer, when a lot of people limit their fishing to, it’s a three-day, holiday weekend for a lot of us in America. So, fishing seems like a great thing to do at least one of the days. And, if your woman loves to fish too, cleave unto her, marry her, and never let her go… or be an ass or bitch when she reels more or larger fish than you do. 😉

Love the ones who fish, for they are the living, breathing, beautiful proof of the Gods’ providence, mercy, and love.

And They Wonder…

Posted in Politics, Society on July 1st, 2022

And They Wonder Why We Don’t Respect Them

I’d laugh, but that would be pure mean spiritedness, since this isn’t really funny, just sad, pathetic, and completely indicative of modern feminism. This poor creature, looking about as offensive and disgusting as she can manage to make herself, is par for the course for the majority of feminist protesters.

And, I assume for some reason, they work hard to look this way whenever they take to the streets to rant about something. And yet, they wonder why the meet with little sympathy and a great deal of disrespect when they do so.