When Loyalties Are Shown

Loyalties are never more truly shown than in a crisis or perceived crisis of some sort. It is during the times that try men’s souls that existence or lack thereof of those men’s souls is made apparent as is to what they’ve sworn their souls to.

Vets vs. EBT - When loyalties are shown for all to see
Screw Our Vets, Ho-Hum – EBT Glitch OMFG!

And yes! I was at the grocery store when the glitch happened and found the responses and behavior of the dependent classes to be both garish, reprehensible, and a good example of why they’re the dependent classes in the first place.

But this is one what has to expect when one feeds the monkeys.

And yes as well! The number them bitching about the glitch into their smartphones – iPhones being the most prevalent – was both very ironic and horribly tragic.

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