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Build The Mutha F’in Wall!

Posted in Politics on January 10th, 2019
Build The Mutha F'in Wall!
Build The Mutha F’in Wall!

It no longer really matters what it takes to do so; build the wall! We are in a national security crisis and the People want it built, despite the contrary claims by the Democrats’ Fake News Corps.

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Talk To The Hand

Posted in Politics on January 6th, 2019

Talk To The Hand

“Talk to the hand!” is what just about any Democrat or likely Democrat voter gives as a response to any American patriot’s dissent from their No Borders policy dreams. They metaphorically hold up their bloodstained hands and cease to listen… because we, of course, are nationalist, racist, Nazis, and/or any other “bad thing” that they can think of.

And bloody-handed these anti-American sorts are. Illegal immigrants kill somewhere between 10 – 20 people within the US every week, injure more, and rape some unknown number. And those numbers pale compared to what they do amongst themselves in the course of illegally crossing the border.

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Dems’ House Of Straw Men

Posted in Politics on January 5th, 2019
Dems' House Of Strawmen
Dems’ House Of Straw Men

That’s the horrific thing; there are certain elements that completely agree with the Dems’ various straw man arguments against building a border wall or any other form of border security.

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