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The Shameless Survivor

Posted in Politics on February 10th, 2017

Obama - The Shameless Survivor
Obama – The Shameless Survivor

I was just going to allow Obama to shuffle off into the sunset, as most ex-POTUS’s are both allowed to- and encouraged to fade into obscurity. I can’t quite do that yet though. One last thing needs to be brought up about Obama and his “legacy.” That is the fact the he could almost be considered the sole survivor of the Democrat party and he seem utterly unconcerned by that fact or the fact that he is a large part of why the Democrats are effectively an endangered species in elected office today.

Politically speaking, the legacy of Obama is that, largely as a reaction to Obama and the Dems’ slavish devotion to him, the Democrat party has lost between 1,100 and 1,200 seats in local, county, state, and federal governments. It can at this point be argued that they’re done, over, kaput.

But hey! Obama got elected and got reelected. He wasn’t a One-Term failure and that’s all that matters, right?

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Alternative Facts

Posted in Politics on February 8th, 2017

The MSMS's Alternative Facts
The Lamestream Enemedia’s Alternative Facts

Above is a perfectly example of how America’s lamestream enemedia’s alternative facts and/or how they chose to respond to or not respond to empirical facts in evidence led to them being jack slapped by President Trump. It also explains why the vast majority of true-born, rightly-raised Americans are smiling in satisfaction about it.

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Posted in Politics on February 7th, 2017

Slap! You're Fake News!
Slap! You’re Fake News!

President Trump’s calling out of the biased and corrupt media in America was most definitely a slap heard around the world. Given that the Fourth Estate has become a Fifth Column within America’s borders, this is a great and good thing for the President to do right off the mark.

It’s past time for these muckrakers and would-be kingmakers to put in their place and taught the harsh lesson that their supposed rights come with responsibilities as well and can be morally abrogated based upon their behaviors. They also need to be reminded that they serve the nation and that the nation does not and never should serve them. The Press’ freedom doesn’t include either the freedom to lie, manipulate the masses through biased coverage of events, or to have any access to those who make the news in the first place.

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