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Render Your Verdict

Posted in 2016 Election on November 8th, 2016

Render Your VerdictRender Your Verdict – Vote Guilty 2016

This is the truth and it’s the day to profess that truth. This is less an election than it is a trial. Today is the day that we, the People render our verdict upon Hillary Clinton.

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Neuter Them

Posted in 2016 Election, Humor, Society on November 6th, 2016

Neuter ThemNeuter Them

Sound advice for all of America. We need to do something to curb the population of unwanted animals in the US. Too many go feral and cause untold amounts of damage to the country. 😆

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Obama’s Immoral Nepotism

Posted in 2016 Election, Politics on November 5th, 2016

Obama's Immoral Nepotism
Obama’s Immoral Nepotism
Some Bitter Clingers Are More Equal Than Others

One thing that right years of the Obama Regime has taught Americans is that the boy is fond of engaging in a particularly pernicious and immoral form of nepotism. He has always and likely always will place his “bruthas” of Islam above Americans, especially the White, Christian majority. He has always and likely always will hold his “bruthas” of Islam to a much lower and more forgiving standard than to which he holds Americans, especially the White, Christian majority.

With it surpassingly likely, though not guaranteed, that Obama’s attempt to reign will end in a few, short months’ time, reiterating the point that, when Obama sees a Muslim, he sees an extended family member and, when he sees an American, he sees an enemy would seem almost pointless and gratuitous. This, however, is not the case since Hillary has shown that, while she may not actively view Muslims as “bruthas,” she does view the majority of Americans as enemies that must be disarmed, disenfranchised, and contained.

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