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Naming The Beasts

Posted in 2016 Election, Politics on October 25th, 2016

With the monsters in America out of the closet, it’s best to put a name to them. Naming the beasts reduces the fear that they can engender and, with that fear reduced, weakens them and make them easier for faithful Americans to contain or destroy.

Naming The Beasts - Mugwumps have become MugwhumpsMugwhumps For Clinton 2016

Yes, the best name for the childish, selfish creatures of the #NeverTrump movement is Mugwhumps even if they don’t actively vote for Hillary in the fast approaching 2016 elections. They even have the sanctimonious and holier-than-thou attitudes that were generally associated with the 19th century term, Mugwump.

Ah well, such is the lesson easiness learned from history. At least we’ve put a name to them. That’s a start.

Michelle On Trump

Posted in 2016 Election, Politics on October 24th, 2016

Michelle on TrumpMichelle On Trump

The image above aptly sums up both Moochelle Obama’s real stance on “misogynist speach” and on Whites vs. Blacks. She deplores Donald Trump’s words and alleged actions while regularly entertaining various rap and hip-hop personalities at the White House; personalities well-known for vilely sexist and pro-rape lyrics; personalities well-known for fostering a culture that abjectly degrades and dehumanizes Black women.

But hey! Those are Blacks and Mr. Trump is White, so other, higher, harsher standards need to be applied to him because expecting a Black male to behave as a White man is expected to behave is racist.

Whining About Whining

Posted in 2016 Election, Politics on October 24th, 2016

Obama - Whining about Trump's supposed whiningObama Whining About Whining

In an act of incredible hypocrisy, Obama is now whining, ranting, and raving about Donald Trump’s supposed whining about the gross media bias he’s enduring during his campaign to become President of the US.

That’s rich coming from a boy who’s done little else but whine, shuck, and jive about almost anything and anyone which has stood against him or merely called him out on his words, deeds, and agenda.

It’s Your Choice

Posted in 2016 Election on October 20th, 2016

It's Your Choice. Choose Wisely And For The Greater Good Of America
It’s Your Choice – Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton

To a certain extent the choice for America’s immediate future is your hands. Your choices are Donald Trump of Hillary Clinton to replace Barack Obama in the White House. And yes, this is a choice about the future of America. Trump and Hillary, much like but even more so than Obama, are mere tokens representing a deeper choice for what, if anything our nation will become in the years ahead.

Indeed, the 2016 elections are less about what people are voting for than it is about what people are voting against and, the easily manipulated, knee-jerk reactionaries aside, it’s not the candidates themselves; it’s whole systems, ideologies, and cultures that those candidates, will they or nil they, represent.

So again, to a certain, circumscribed extent, it’s your choice how America moves on from here. Choose wisely.

Hillary’s Early Christmas

Posted in 2016 Election on October 18th, 2016

Hillary's Early ChristmasHillary’s Early Christmas

Some people such as Hillary Clinton are especially and specially privileged. They don’t have to abide by the normative calendar when it comes to being showered with holiday gifts. For example, Hillary’s Christmas Secular Non-Nationalistic Culturally Neutral Winter Celebration came very early, compliments of her ever-loyal Lamestream media.