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Firefox Now With Add-ons

Posted in Humor, Society, Technology on January 29th, 2014

Hey! Firefox is a good and very popular browser but they still need to work to maintain and hopefully increase their market share. One of the best ways of doing that is to provide it with cool add-ons already installed…

Firefox Now With Add-ons
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And wasn’t it awesome of Marie-Claude Bourbonnais aka Marry Bardot to develop the most delightful add-ons?

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2014 Economic Blamecast

Posted in Politics on January 28th, 2014

We can all expect Obama to talk rather extensively about the economy and the “success” of the recovery that he, of course, brought about. We can also expect him to wax pontifical about just who is to blame for any perceived weakness in that recovery.

Shuckin, Jiving, and blaming Old White Men
Obama’s 2014 Economic Blamecast

In other words, Obama could just crib his SOTU speech from any of the many other times he’s made excuses for his utter and abject failure as a POTUS. We’re not going here anything tonight that we haven’t heard time and time again.

And really! Why shouldn’t Obama reiterate his mantra? It’s worked well for him professionally so far. Remember folks, if you think or worse say that it’s even partially Obama’s fault, you’re RACIST!

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Obama’s ’14 SOTU Speech

Posted in Humor, Politics on January 27th, 2014

Are you ready for Obama’s 2014 SOTU speech?  It coming Tuesday night whether nor any of us see any point in yet another Obama pageant.

Obama - Liar-in-Chief
Summing Up Obama’s ’14 SOTU Speech

I can’t really the see the point in granting Obama the hand-out of listen to him jabber more of the same lies, aspersions, and recriminations as the boy has spewed since taking office but it will have a certain pageantry and be somewhat enjoyable, much like a cross between an old time snake oil salesman, a minstrel show, and particularly passionate revival meeting.