Indian Doctors Kill Boy

With the growing number of Indian medical professionals insinuated into the US healthcare industry I believe its vital to the health and safety of our people to further evaluate whether or not Indian medical schools are providing the appropriate medical training – both in technical skills and in medical ethics. See below:

MUMBAI, Oct 12 (Reuters) – An Indian couple has been charged with murder of one of their sons after they tried to transfuse his blood into his elder brother to make him smarter, a newspaper reported on Friday.

The Indian Express newspaper said the couple were both doctors and the mother had a dream in which a guru advised blood transfusion to make their elder son do better at his studies.

Police said the couple initially claimed the 11-year-old boy was killed in an attack on the family, but later the father confessed.

“If there were any outside attackers they would not have attacked using surgical instruments,” police official Hanif Quereshi was quoted as saying by the daily. The father has been remanded in police custody and the mother is receiving psychiatric treatment after attempting suicide.

Their elder son in fighting for life in a hospital in the western town of Rohtak.

Alright, let’s start with what happened to performing a Type & Screen before transfusing blood between patients? Type & Screen procedures confirm both that blood types of donor and recipient match and that no conflicting antigens are found in the patients’ blood serum. This is a very basic medical procedure that every Western doctor would automatically have performed.

Let’s move on to who in the 21st century would believe that a blood transfusion would improve the recipient’s intellect? The very idea of performing such ill informed medical experiments on anyone boggles my mind. Performing them on children goes beyond the realm of crass stupidity and into the realms previously reserved for Dr. Mengele.

Finally, who would do such a thing because they or their spouse had a dream where a guru told them to do so? Were these two insane criminals examples of Indian doctors or examples of Indian witchdoctors?

If this is a sample of what a pair of supposedly trained and licensed Indian physicians are capable of doing, I think it’s definitely past time for the US to carefully review the credentials, skills and ethics of every Indian trained doctor currently practicing within our borders.

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