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Run ‘Bama Run!

Posted in 2014 Election, Humor, Politics on November 8th, 2014

Obama Elephant Stampede
Run ‘Bama Run!

With the 2014 midterm election ending in Republican control of House, Senate, 30+ Governorships, and most state houses, it’s pretty clear that Obama should be getting ready to flee before the stampede that is coming. I don’t, however, see that happening. Like the ever-so-typical African dictator of fact and fiction, the boy’s too narcissistic and ignorant to not stand before it. 😉

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Freedom’s Lubricant

Posted in 2014 Election, Politics on November 5th, 2014

Well done, My Fellow Americans! We have expanded America’s control of the House, taken the Senate from our domestic enemies, and now hold 31 Governorships across the several States.

Liberals tears are Freedom's lubricant
Liberals’ Tears Are Freedom’s Lubricant

Yes! Liberals are crying and that’s a great and good thing because Liberals’ tears are Freedom’s lubricant. Every anguished or angry tear shed from the eyes of Liberal, Progressive, or their minority tenants slicks the gears of liberty and make the engine of America run more smoothly and more powerfully.

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We Shall Overcome

Posted in 2014 Election on November 3rd, 2014

Democrats - Still the same old Nigger-Drivers
We Shall Overcome

We shall overcome and bend the arc of the moral universe to true justice…if we vote for such course of action. We shall overcome the fact that the Democrats have yoked the Blacks into their traces and set them plodding to the polls…if we vote against them. We shall overcome and let be heard unto the Heavens that no lie can live forever…if we vote so that this cry can be sounded in victory.

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