Hip Hip Hooray!

Hip Hip Hooray! Some Are Celebrating A Biden-Harris Regime

Despite the rejection and dejection of approximately half of the US population, there are some who are celebrating President Trump’s loss and the installation of Creepy Uncle Joe Biden as POTUS, with Kamala Harris as his VP.

Domestically, #Antifa and to a lesser extent #BlackLivesMatter – Biden is a White, and I doubt they trust Harris – are cheering. They know that this marks the end of any federal level curtailment of their riots and insurrections and the re-instigation of federal “scrutiny” of local law enforcement.

On the global front, China and Iran are likely celebrating Biden’s upcoming presidency. Biden is both weak-minded and a devotee of a timid application of the old status quo of foreign policy. This will allow China to grow in power and influence. And Iran most likely looks forward to both a more conciliatory US stance towards them as well as a weakening, if not outright curtailing, of the Abraham Accords.

So, while Americans find the situation sad, our enemies, both foreign and domestic are shouting “Hip Hip Hooray!”


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