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Jenner’s Panties In A Bunch

Posted in Humor, Politics on March 2nd, 2017

Jenner's Panties In A BunchJenner’s Got “Her” Panties In A Bunch

I think Bruce, Caitlyn, whatever has bigger problems to his or her panties in a bunch over than President Trump rescinding a unilateral action taken by Obama to force public schools to change their bathroom access policies or lose federal funding…like showing up to a party in the same dress as his / her daughter. 😛

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March Is Here

Posted in Humor, Society on March 1st, 2017

In America, every month is something. January is National Mentoring Month; February is Black History Month. Well, that is true of March as well…

March Is Stop Blaming Whites Month
March Is Stop Blaming White People Month

Yep! Each March is National Stop Blaming White People Month, though it annual month-long even less commonly observed than National Prostate Health Month is in September.

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The V-Day Massacre

Posted in Humor, Society on February 13th, 2017

V-Day Massacre
The V-Day Massacre Is Actually In November

Guys – and no, this admonishment isn’t needed for gentlemen, tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day and, if you’re lucky, you’ve got plans on getting lucky. Just please remember that the Valentine’s Day Massacre that repeats every year is in November, not February and take the personal responsibility to protect yourself. 😉

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