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Bottom Shelf

Posted in Beer, Humor on October 23rd, 2011

Have you ever wondered why men almost always keep their beer on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator? It’s really quite simple…

Bottom Shelf - Why Men Keep The Beer There
It’s On The Bottom Shelf, Honey!

Now that we’ve gotten to the bottom of that, it should be clear as to why this occurs with such regularity. 😉

Baconalia Huzzah!

Posted in Beer, Food & Drink, Humor on April 9th, 2011

With all due deference to Bacchus, it’s time to put the bacchanalia behind us as a rite of bygone days. It is time to rejoice and revel in porky abandon. Let the Baconalia begin!

Baconalia! Beer and Bacon, Together At Last! Huzzah!

Enjoy the porkalicious goodness of this bacon mug with a rich, dark beer. Whether it be a smoked beer or malty beer is up to you, the celebrant. and as a break between libations you can fill it with beer cheese soup!

But no celebration is complete with just food and drink. Such would be nothing but a meal, albeit one of divine splendor. To fully celebrate the baconalia requires women.

Mmmmmm…Hickory Smoked Hotness 😛

And there you have the three “B’s” of the divine feast of the baconalia – Beer, Babes, and Bacon! Huzzah!

Reaching Nirvana

Posted in Beer, Humor, Society on February 23rd, 2011

This truly epic beer commercial, The Legendary Biru was developed for Sapporo at Dentsu Canada by creative director/copywriter/art director Glen Hunt, creative director/art director Les Soos, copywriter Dhaval Bhatt, agency producer Sharon Kosokowsky, strategic planner Jeff McCrory, account director Tim Binkley, cultural consultant Nobu Tanaka.

Sapporo – Not a Light Beer, An Enlightened Beer

It’s an incredibly well done commercial; both Dentsu Canada and Sapporo should be justifiably proud of the team’s creativity and skill.

Is it just me though, or is this commercial also a subtle metaphor for Buddhism’s six conditions or realms of existence, called samsara: Manusya-gati, Tiryagyoni-gati, Naraka-gati, Preta-gati, Asura-gati, and Deva-gati? Are they implying that one can reach nirvana by drinking beer, especially Sapporo?

I suppose it’s plausible. There’s supposedly truth in wine, so there might be enlightenment in beer. Beer is, after all, proof that the Gods love us. 😉

Staying True To Joe

Posted in Beer, Society on February 16th, 2011

Beer!Beer! It is, and has been for millennia, truly one of the foundations of civilization. Along with foole, beer allowed the Pyramids and other great public works of ancient Egypt and it allowed the rise of the great cities in Europe despite the dangerously contaminated water supplies they endured.

In the words of the American poet John Ciardi, “Fermentation and civilization are inseparable.”

Yes, beer has always been the Everyman’s drink; the preferred quaff of Joe Six-Pack – and Jane Six-Pack of course – after a long day toiling as the often forgotten and sometimes lambasted backbone of society. It’s long been a convivial beverage that had escaped the ceremonies, snobbery, and elitism that is so entrenched in wine.

Sadly, times are changing in America and the glorious rebirth of the American craft brewing industry has also birthed the misbegotten by-blows known as beer snobs.

There’s beer geeks and there’s beer snobs, and I’m a card-carrying, dyed-in-the-wool member of the beer geek community. How I differentiate between a beer geek and a beer snob is this: they could have an equal amount of knowledge about beer; they could have equally awesome palates; [they] can articulate everything about the qualities of beer; [and they can] tell you the history of brewing styles. Their knowledge might be the same. But a beer geek loves beer because he or she loves beer, and they want to learn more always, try new beers, and share that with the people they love. Whereas beer snobs try to know as much as they can about beer as a power point and to lord it over people, or to stick out as an expert in a field of neophytes.

Sam Calagione
Founder, Dogfish Head Brewery

Beer lovers must not repeat the mistakes of the wine enthusiasts and devolve into snobbishness, elitism, and exclusion.

We lovers of beers certainly do not want to go down the road which led to 86% of all the wine drank in America being drunk by only 12% of the American population. This is especially true since 97% of the breweries in America are described as craft or microbreweries yet they account for 5% of the total market share.

Staying True To Joe Six-Pack is paramount irrespective of what each of our preferred six-packs might be.

Guiness Ad – Brilliant!

Posted in Beer, Humor on January 23rd, 2009

This is possibly the best and funniest beer ad ever, and it comes to us from Guinness. In their own words – it’s brilliant!

Guinness – Share one with a friend…or two.

What could be better – and better mannered – than sharing your beer with your friends? And Guinness is just the perfect beer for it since it’s best served somewhat…um…hotter?…than many other stouts, porters, or lagers.