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Feeding The Monkeys

Posted in Politics, Society on January 27th, 2011

Feeding the Monkeys” is slang for doing something that you know is stupid, unwise, and/or contra-indicated. It almost always has a negative result. It is also a very apt metaphor for America’s ever-expanding entitlement programs.

Feeding The Monkeys Is Not A Wise Choice

The maddening fact that these “safety net” entitlement programs bear greatest resemblance to animal husbandry than anything meant to foster, or even maintain, human dignity just makes the comparison more accurate and pointed.

All we’ll ever get by feeding the monkeys is feeding frenzies, hand-out recipients squabbling and stealing each others’ “Government Manna,” and uncontrolled population increase among the subsidized groups. Worse, after some time being “fed,” neither they nor their progeny are capable of “being released back into the wild.”

This holds equally true for any all corporations that were declared Too Big To Fail and/or those industries that are now or have been receiving copious federal subsidies.

It’s all the same. It doesn’t matter if they’re sagging and wearing Ecko, Sean John, or Apple Bottom, or they’re in Brooks Brothers, Hermes, or Ralph Lauren; the feeding frenzy is fundamentally the same as is the expectancy that the trough will be refilled.

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The Dumbledore Effect

Posted in Books & Reading, Humor, Society on January 26th, 2011

I remember when a number of Christian groups went a little crazy when J.K. Rowlings announced, perhaps foolishly and definitely unnecessarily, that her character Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Wizardry, was queer.

Perhaps a scene such as this was part of what these Christians feared:

Hermione I Have a Confession
The Dumbledore Effect – Scary, Very Scary

Yeah, I can see where that might have scared them. The plots of the later books and movies were odd enough without adding that sort of love triangle sub-plot to the mix. 😉

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Rebutting Hot Air?

Posted in 2012 Election, Politics on January 26th, 2011

Obama - Gotcha Suckers - Shucking and Jiving in the hopes of re-electionPresident Obama delivered what passed for his his State Of The Union Address last night. The GOP and various members of the American people immediately thereafter began rebutting it and analyzing the speech’s meanings.

Why do they bother? You can’t rebut meaningless hot air, which is all that Obama’s nuanced rhetoric and conflicting not-quite-promises were.

The 2011 SOTU Address was nothing other than- or more than Obama’s first major campaign speech in his bid for re-election in 2012. Don’t waste your time and effort, or lend it or its speaker any undeserved weight or significance, rebutting or analyzing it.

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