The Only Right Request

I have written before about my disgust for many prayers people make to their God(s) begging or demanding that They provide some intercession in their worshipers’ lives. To me it seems wrong to treat one’s God(s) as They serve us when it is we who must serve Them.

This to me seems the only right request to make of the God(s)…

Lord, Grant Me The Strength
Lord, Grant Me The Strength

We are our God(s)’ hands and it’s our duty to serve Their will, not Their duty to ours. When one prays for more than help in finding the strength to carry on, you’re overstepping the bounds in Pride.

Side Notes

I get some significant enjoyment from thinking about how much and how viscerally the Liberals and Progressives would hate the image above, showing as it does and American soldier praying. The intersection of faith and our nation’s military has always been something that the Left feared and loathed.

Conversely, I can’t help shaking my head over the simple fact that very few normal, American Christians will be offended by the image. I would think they would be as it shows a soldier kneeling in prayer before an American flag in a setting that makes it look like the flag and, by proxy, the nation is being deified and place before- or in replacement of God.

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