Unplugged From Fantasy

Obama and/or his “uncoordinated”  Super PACs do love them some green energy and black lies. Their latest afront to Americans and reason is their the recent ad which glibly fosters the impression – they are too nuanced to lie outright – that Obama created 2.7 million jobs in the “green energy” sector of America’s economy.

Obama's Green Energy Fantasy - Shucking & Jiving his tattered way to failure
Damn! They Said The Cord Would Reach To November, 2012

Once Americans are unplugged from the fantasy, however, they’re forced to realize that it is nothing but a fantasy – a pack of lies and misinformation meant to save one singular job, Obama’s.

That 2.7 Million jobs figure that Obama and his die-hard cultists are shopping is, from all appearances, loosely based upon a report by The Brookings Institution. That report bears only vague surface level resemblance to their claims.

The clean economy, which employs some 2.7 million workers, encompasses a significant number of jobs in establishments spread across a diverse group of industries. Though modest in size, the clean economy employs more workers than the fossil fuel industry and bulks larger than bioscience but remains smaller than the IT-producing sectors. Most clean economy jobs reside in mature segments that cover a wide swath of activities including manufacturing and the provision of public services such as wastewater and mass transit. A smaller portion of the clean economy encompasses newer segments that respond to energy-related challenges.

The clean economy grew more slowly in aggregate than the national economy between 2003 and 2010, but newer “cleantech” segments produced explosive job gains and the clean economy outperformed the nation during the recession. Overall, today’s clean economy establishments added half a million jobs between 2003 and 2010, expanding at an annual rate of 3.4 percent. This performance lagged the growth in the national economy, which grew by 4.2 percent annually over the period (if job losses from establishment closings are omitted to make the data comparable). However, this measured growth heavily reflected the fact that many longer-standing companies in the clean economy—especially those involved in housing- and building-related segments—laid off large numbers of workers during the real estate crash of 2007 and 2008, while sectors unrelated to the clean economy (mainly health care) created many more new jobs nationally. At the same time, newer clean economy establishments— especially those in young energy-related segments such as wind energy, solar PV, and smart grid—added jobs at a torrid pace, albeit from small bases.

Working backward from the numbers leading up to the 2003 – 2010 time-frame of the report, only 500,000 “green economy” jobs et al were created during 2003-2010, a small fraction of which were in “green energy.” Since Obama didn’t become POTUS until 2009, that means that only 125,000 “green” jobs were created during his regime, once again only a small fraction of which were in “green energy.”

So, even if Americans give Obama and his cultists the handout of accepting any “green” job for the purposes of the veracity of this campaign ad, that still shows the reality is only about 4.6% of the fantasy that they’re promulgating.


Keep your eyes open. Travel light but load heavy, and always put another round in the enemy after they’re down.

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The New Keystone Kop

Watching Obama and his handlers dealing with anything is much like watching an old reel of the Keystone Kops. This is especially true when it comes to allowing business to provide jobs and energy independence.

Such things would violate the sensibilities of much of what remains of his base. Hence, the boy and his handlers spend their time scampering around trying to spike any such program or effort.

Obama Spiking Pipeling
Obama’s Never Been Much For Jobs Or Industry

Just look at the way the Campaigner-in-Chief has been doing what amounts to his best to spike the Keystone Pipeline Project without actually admitting to doing so.

Hellfire! At least the Leftist, slacker rabble of OWS admit that they’re trying to destroy America’s industrial and financial infrastructure, but then they want handouts other than votes.

Americans should be thankful that the GOP has learned a few lessons from our enemy and adopted some of Alinsky’s strategies. In this case that would be Rule 3 – “Whenever possible, go outside the expertise of the enemy,” because forcing Obama to make a public decision is forcing him well outside his area of expertise.

Jobs Pipeline
There’s A Kink In The Pipeline – It’s Named Obama

I suppose Americans should be somewhat thankful to the Gods for the fact that the boy and his handlers are so much like the Keystone Kops. They make spike projects, gum up the works with either malice or incompetency, and otherwise be a clear and present danger to America, but they’re pretty damn stupid and clumsy about doing so and are sort of funny to watch. 😆

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Lubricated Naiads

As I’ve commented before, if one has a message that is in protest against someone or something, one should be cognizant of the imagery one uses. It does little or no good for one’s cause if the imagery you use to get attention actually provides a “positive” image of what you’re protesting.

Such was largely the case with the Surfrider Foundation’s 2011 “Oil Bikini” calendar.

Sorry, as much as I love the oceans and take issue with the wanton destruction of our maritime environment, this calendar is just not making me angry about the Gulf Oil Spill. If anything, the thought of pretty young women wearing nothing but oil strikes me as a “golden lining” in the situation, at least at the hindbrain level.

From Surfrider’s earlier Press release:

Last year’s oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico left a deep impression in people’s minds. To remember this catastrophe, we have a created a calendar with photos of young naiads covered in oil…This calendar, which will be offered to all members of Surfrider Foundation Europe, is also designed to help recruit new volunteers

By way of mitigation, the calendar was marketed as stress relief to current members of the organization; it wasn’t designed as a public push campaign. On the other hand, as proven by my posting of this, everything goes onto the internet and parts of it will stay there long after any thought of context has faded away.

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Only Ideology Matters

Professor Jonathon I. Katz Ph.D - The Left positively loaths himIt seems many of the Liberals are outraged that President Obama included Professor Jonathon I. Katz in his “dream team” of scientists, mostly leading physicists and engineers, who’ve been charged with going  to the Gulf of Mexico to work with BP to stop the oil leak that’s contaminating the Gulf waters.

What is most telling is not that the Left is outraged but what specifically they’re outraged over in this matter.

What should be able to be considered strangely, the issue isn’t with Prof. Katz’s admitted lack of usefulness in dealing with the spill or its cleanup.

I was honored to be invited and enjoyed the experience. Did I have anything much to contribute? I think I have some ideas for how to prevent this kind of thing from happening in the future, but I don’t have anything very specific to offer on the present problems. It is very much in the hands of the real pros.

— Professor Jonathan I. Katz
St. Louis Beacon Interview

If Prof. Katz’ lack of qualifications to deal with British Petroleum’s catastrophic failure was the reason for the Liberal’s outrage I would take no issue with it. From the above quote I would guess that Prof. Katz himself would not gainsay their opinions. But the Liberals’ wrath and condemnation is not about Katz’s credentials or skills; it’s about his ideology and the fact that it doesn’t match their own.

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Improving US-Arab Ties

On Jun 4, 2009, President Obama went to Cairo, Egypt and gave a speech to the Islamic World. It was entitled, A New Beginning, a seemed to promise a less overtly hostile attitude from US government toward the Muslim World.  Given the apologetic and conciliatory tone of the address, I was quick to disparage it. Given the antipodal natures of America and Islam, I found it’s entire premise to be fatally flawed.

I had overlooked the fact that, while President Obama was careful to formally address the Islamic World as a whole, he was actually speaking to the Arabs and the Persians. He was speaking to the controlling partners in OPEC. Given that fact and the fact that he is in the processes of semi-nationalizing the US auto industry,  President Obama may well be ushering a new era of improved US-Arab relations.

Rob Rogers - The Pittsburgh Gazette - Obama, President of General Motors
Barack Hussein Obama, President of GM

Yes, President Obama’s administration having ownership of majority shares of the remains of both GM and Chrysler will definitely have the Arabs rethinking their bargaining positions with the United States. 😉

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